2013 Sexy Vegan Man Competition – The Finalists


The votes have been counted! The competition is tight!


Here are the 5 finalists that have made it to the final round!

Winners will be announced on August 20th 

Nominee #1: Jeff Fisher

Nominated by: Samantha Fisher

“Jeff is from Ellensburg, WA, outside of Seattle. He has been vegan for a year and a half.

He plays with his kids, rides a mountain bike like a champ, is kind and always supportive of me and my crazy ideas. He has embraced veganism whole heartedly with me and has no hang ups with what makes a man manly. He will always speak his mind. He’s got bedroom eyes, wild hair and a heart of gold”.


Nominee #7: Brian Patton

Nominated by: Desiree Patton

“Brian was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, until the age of 23 when he moved to Los Angeles. He has been vegan for nearly 7 years. He should be voted Sexiest Vegan Man, not only for 2013, but for all of eternity. After all, he IS “The Sexy Vegan“. 

But that is not just an empty moniker. Beyond his deep blue eyes and, what he believes to be perfect hair, he’s got skills in the kitchen and pretty much everywhere else. Sure, he can whip up a chicken-less noodle soup on the spot when I’ve got a cold, and a 5 course dinner on Valentines day…AND THEN clean the kitchen afterwards, but if I need a headlight replaced on my car, or a set of shelves installed, guess who whips out his tools and goes to work. There’s nothing sexier than a man who likes to take care of his family. 

He’s funny, compassionate, talented, and classically handsome. Could he stand to do a few more pushups? Sure. Who couldn’t? Nobody’s perfect…but he’s pretty darn close”.



Nominee #9: Grant Pendleton

Nominated by: Colleen Campbell

“Grant is from Angel Fire, New Mexico and became vegan a year ago after watching the movie “Forks Over Knives” and “Earthlings.” Besides being a sexy vegan man, Grant is a triathlete, animal rescuer, and expert plant-based grill master.

Grant became vegan virtually over night after understanding the personal, spiritual, ecological, environmental, and global impacts of a plant-based lifestyle. With a master’s degree in International Relations from Australian National University, Grant plans on leading the world by example toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

So far, Grant has seen numerous health benefits from becoming vegan and doesn’t see and end in sight. He runs, swims, and bikes faster, he recovers more quickly from strenuous workouts, and he feels great about eating foods that promote not only a healthy body, but a healthy earth. Along with his girlfriend, Colleen (a plant-based personal trainer), they have started EcoEvolve, a consulting company that emphasizes Green Lifestyle around sustainability and veganism in the Rocky Mountains”.



Nominee #12: Todd Tarzia

Nominated by: Jeanette Burke

“Todd is from Liverpool, NY,  he has a grand old Chocolate Lab pup, named Brooklyn and Manx Rescue Kitty, named Briquette & Vegan girlfriend Jeanette with cat named, Chilly.

Why does Todd deserve “The Vegan Women’s 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man Title”. Great question. My boyfriend Todd will be celebrating his first Vegan Anniversary in August 2013, after five years of totally supporting my vegan lifestyle choice, which included many mystery meals and awkward family gatherings. Embracing the vegan lifestyle seems to have been a natural transition for Todd, since he already had a strong love of animals and the compassion, drive and conviction to take a stand.

Todd embodies the ethics of a vegan, delicately balanced by a level of kindness that even Gandhi would appreciate. That said, you could still detect a hint of Todd’s passion, smoldering just beneath the surface of his Azure Baby Blue eyes. My sweetie has a taste for vegan sweets and indulges those full plump lips of his, on only the most succulent organic fruits, desserts and wines. A quick glimpse of Todd’s smile has the allure of a vegan man, who is ready to serve up a hot vegan dish of boyish charm on demand anywhere, place or time!  a ghrá mo chroí , Cookie”


Nominee #17: Brett Schmidt

Nominated by: Caroline Jones

“My husband Brett is originally from Pendleton, Oregon. We now live on a farm in Pennsylvania which is home to many rescued animals including horses, cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys, goats and sheep. He cares for and feeds all of them. One night a week he helps rescue people too, as an EMT with the local fire company. He’s an athlete, a great cook, can fix anything, and has a lively sense of humor. He is also a wonderful dad to our homeschooled daughter. 

Why do I think he’s entitled to the Sexiest Vegan Man title? Because he has been  vegan for 26 years, convinced me to go vegan about the same time, and raised a life-long vegan in our 17 year old daughter. That’s a lot of animal lives saved!”


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