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Nominee #16: Mathew Smith

Nominated by: Ellen Jones-Smith

“W. Somerset Maugham once wrote, “as if a woman ever loved a man for his virtue.”  Obviously, Maugham had never met my husband, Mathew. Vegan for six years, he is the quintessential good guy. Whether it’s spoiling our seven rescues, rescuing and finding homes for other cats and dogs, traveling to Nepal and Venezuela to teach and assist others, or just volunteering at the local food pantry, Mat is a compassionate and adventurous individual.  He is also a committed husband and a fantastic and creative father.

In the seven year we have been together, Mat has always exhibited so much caring and compassion. Although we had only been dating three weeks, he drove two hours and sat with me for hours after one of my cats died and he grieved along with me. I have seen Mat pull off busy highways when we are running late to spend twenty minutes coaxing an abandoned kitten to come to him (it’s one of our seven).  I’ve seen him spend hours wandering through the grocery store trying to make sure he is getting the best deals and the most (healthy, vegan)  food for his money, which he then donates to the food pantry because he doesn’t think that anyone should have to eat something he wouldn’t eat himself. I’ve watched him put on a suit and tie and take our two year old to a father-daughter dance and take two hour long walks down one block of our street after a long day at work with our daughter so that she could stop and pet every rock, greet every squirrel, and collect every stick.  I have seen his commitment for his favorite causes of veganism, feminism, and food inequality.  Although his sudden smile, strong shoulders, ready laugh, surfer boy looks, goofy sense of humor, sharp intelligence, and fantastic cooking are also traits I greatly love….I think Mathew’s virtues are definitely the most sexy and best part of all”.

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Nominee #17: Brett Schmidt

Nominated by: Caroline Jones

“My husband Brett is originally from Pendleton, Oregon. We now live on a farm in Pennsylvania which is home to many rescued animals including horses, cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys, goats and sheep. He cares for and feeds all of them. One night a week he helps rescue people too, as an EMT with the local fire company. He’s an athlete, a great cook, can fix anything, and has a lively sense of humor. He is also a wonderful dad to our homeschooled daughter. 

Why do I think he’s entitled to the Sexiest Vegan Man title? Because he has been  vegan for 26 years, convinced me to go vegan about the same time, and raised a life-long vegan in our 17 year old daughter. That’s a lot of animal lives saved!”

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Nominee #18: Greg Schurman

Nominated by: Shanna Eastham

“My loving boyfriend, Greg, is from Pittsfield, New Hampshire and has been vegan for 6 months now. Although he is newly vegan, he has quickly adopted the vegan lifestyle with a passion and love for learning more about his new lifestyle. He originally became vegan because it was something that I wanted to commit to, and he decided to support me as fully as possible. He has always cared immensely for animals, and becoming vegan was a natural leap in his life’s journey.

Greg embodies compassion in every area of his life- he is a loving boyfriend and son, an advocate for a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle, and a huge supporter for my dream of opening my own vegan bake shop/cafe. Greg brings light into any room that he enters with his easy smile, infectious laugh, and caring personality, and is the sexiest man in my life!”

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Nominee #19: Jimi Davidson

Nominated by: Jennifer Davidson

“Jimi Davidson is the sexiest, kindest vegan guy you haven’t heard of yet. As a professional vegan chef in reknowned music and arts mecca Athens, Georgia, Jimi influences the spirit of creative vegan cuisine and inspires shy eaters to try plant-based flavors instead of meat or dairy. Jimi is the frontman for two great local post-punk bands, Ottercakes, and Space Parade. Space Parade’s members are all vegan, which had a powerfully positive impact on Jimi’s decision to go vegan and actively fight for animal rights.

This southern gentleman hit the ground running as soon as he learned the truth about dairy and eggs, going from vegetarian to vegan “cold tofu” over a year ago and completely redesigning his career, hobbies, and personal choices to reflect his vegan ethic. Today, he assists his wife (me) in rescuing and raising animals who need TLC, including Lily the rescue pig.  He helps any critter he discovers, and treats people with compassion as well as other fellow animals. When not whipping up delicious vegan noms for Athens, he can  sometimes be found at Flicker music venue playing sultry songs on guitar and singing with smooth vocals. He’s a fan of Pavement and Ryan Adams, both have influenced his musical style. He’s a sucker for vegan chili dogs, little kittens, and comedy.

Jimi walks the walk, and spreads the message of compassion and non-violence wherever he goes, all filtered through that sexy smile and gentle blue eyes”. 

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Nominee #13: Francisco Abarca

Nominated by: Camila Rebolledo Krefft

“Francisco was born in Santiago, Chile, and went vegan six years ago. Ever since, he has been active for animals, participating into several campaigns, with many different organizations. He has liberated animals, chained himself to the zoo, disrupted rodeos, recorded what happens in slaughterhouses, and participated in shocking manifestations. He also founded Vegan.cl, a portal of vegan resources in our country, to make veganism friendlier and easier to understand, and to create a vegan community.

Not only that, he’s the composer, singer, and guitarist, of the black death metal band Lex Natura. And who doesn’t love a tattooed vegan guitarist? Francisco is an amazing cook, who can come up with the tastiest dishes with anything you have in the kitchen, and an incredible father to our furry children. He’ll always help anyone in need, and will cross the city to see a friend who’s having a bad time. An activist, a musician, a cook, a father, a friend, and vegan. What else could you ask for? If you’re wondering, he’s also an amazing partner”.

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Nominee #14: Dan Lord

Nominated by: Cait Bowell

“Never in a million years did I think I’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect; someone who’d make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be; someone that would touch my life so profoundly… But then this amazing person opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, and stole my heart in the process. We met a couple years ago, striking up basic conversation. After some time, when I turned to Dan for some help with health concerns, he willingly shared with me everything he knew about veganism and offered as much advice as my brain could handle. He was a wealth of knowledge, and I could listen to him for hours as he spoke of the importance of a vegan lifestyle, not just for our own bodies and health, but for the world, and lives of those around us. It was so easy to fall in love with such a gentle soul.

Dan has been vegan for 4 years, and raw vegan for more than 3. When he isn’t working at our local health food store, he spends his time running, hiking, biking, and practicing yoga. His quest to be his best in health and physical fitness is an inspiration to me, and I am constantly in awe of him. He truly is an incredible person and partner in life. He pushes me to push myself, and supports me every step of the way. Dan helped me transition to a raw vegan diet myself, and I am ever so grateful for him. He genuinely wants the best for me, and what more could a woman ask for than a man who would give her the moon if he could?”

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Nominee #15: Daniel Rees

Nominated by: Brenda Rees

“My son Daniel is such a joy and inspiration to be around. He is 22 years old and is from Plainfield, Indiana. He is currently studying professional flight at Purdue University and is graduating a year earlier in August this year. He has been a vegan for 5 months now and is very compassionate towards animals and this was the main reason for him turning vegan. If that wasn’t enough he has encouraged our entire family to go vegan. He has such an inspiring and caring nature and has motivated me to drop 2 dress sizes already.

Daniel takes great pride in his appearance and enjoys working out and following a plant based diet. He is a very kind loving son and is very goal orientated and very driven to succeed at everything he does. He is also a professional flight instructor and is hoping to teach at one of the school’s here in Indiana after graduation.

I feel my son is entitled to the 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man title because he is such an inspiration and has inspired 4 of us in our family to go vegan. He is an awesome academic student and strives to always to do his best even when it means that he has to miss out on functions with friends or family to complete school projects. He deserves this recognition for all that he has done and achieved in his life. He is a very humble person and doesn’t like to boast about his achievements and this is the main reason why I feel he deserves this title”. 

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Nominee #10: Will Love

Nominated by: Mahsa Zargaran

“My boyfriend Will has been vegan for 5 years and the person who inspired me to be vegan. His compassion towards all living beings stole my heart more than his many other amazing attributes. He’s incredible at gently educating people about animal cruelty and healthier living. He leads by example and has inspired many of our friends to become vegan.

Will is from Florida originally but moved to Los Angeles over 10 years ago to pursue his music career. He’s the singer and the master mind behind the lush ambient rock band Sabrosa Purr. He’s an artist. He’s an athlete. He is the ultimate Sexy Vegan Man!”

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Nominee #11: Ryan McGrath

Nominated by: Gayle Jacobson

“Ryan is from New York City and has been vegan since November 2006. He likes to say he went “cold turkey” because his last non-vegan meal was Thanksgiving dinner. While practicing yoga and studying Buddhism, he continued to be confronted by the idea of causing no harm to those around you and in a larger sense to the world. He also interpreted this to mean no harm to any living things; from fellow humans to tiny ants.

His way of living inspired me to educate myself as well and I have been vegan for almost two years now. While he doesn’t always have the intention of speaking to others about his vegan lifestyle, it sparks enough interest when it naturally comes up that it ends up being the focus of conversation often. He is always willing to take the time to explain his belief that animals are not meant to be harmed, used, or manipulated in any way. His kindness and consideration extends to all aspects of his life and makes him incredibly sexy. Not to mention that because of his diet he has the energy and skin of a 20 year old”.

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Nominee #12: Todd Tarzia

Nominated by: Jeanette Burke

“Todd is from Liverpool, NY,  he has a grand old Chocolate Lab pup, named Brooklyn and Manx Rescue Kitty, named Briquette & Vegan girlfriend Jeanette with cat named, Chilly.

Why does Todd deserve “The Vegan Women’s 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man Title”. Great question. My boyfriend Todd will be celebrating his first Vegan Anniversary in August 2013, after five years of totally supporting my vegan lifestyle choice, which included many mystery meals and awkward family gatherings. Embracing the vegan lifestyle seems to have been a natural transition for Todd, since he already had a strong love of animals and the compassion, drive and conviction to take a stand.

Todd embodies the ethics of a vegan, delicately balanced by a level of kindness that even Gandhi would appreciate. That said, you could still detect a hint of Todd’s passion, smoldering just beneath the surface of his Azure Baby Blue eyes. My sweetie has a taste for vegan sweets and indulges those full plump lips of his, on only the most succulent organic fruits, desserts and wines. A quick glimpse of Todd’s smile has the allure of a vegan man, who is ready to serve up a hot vegan dish of boyish charm on demand anywhere, place or time!  a ghrá mo chroí , Cookie”

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Nominee #7: Brian Patton

Nominated by: Desiree Patton

“Brian was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, until the age of 23 when he moved to Los Angeles. He has been vegan for nearly 7 years. He should be voted Sexiest Vegan Man, not only for 2013, but for all of eternity. After all, he IS “The Sexy Vegan“. 

But that is not just an empty moniker. Beyond his deep blue eyes and, what he believes to be perfect hair, he’s got skills in the kitchen and pretty much everywhere else. Sure, he can whip up a chicken-less noodle soup on the spot when I’ve got a cold, and a 5 course dinner on Valentines day…AND THEN clean the kitchen afterwards, but if I need a headlight replaced on my car, or a set of shelves installed, guess who whips out his tools and goes to work. There’s nothing sexier than a man who likes to take care of his family. 

He’s funny, compassionate, talented, and classically handsome. Could he stand to do a few more pushups? Sure. Who couldn’t? Nobody’s perfect…but he’s pretty darn close”.

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Nominee #8: Kaz Noiri

Nominated by: Maria Powell

“Kaz has been a Kiwi for the last 9 years and comes from Japan originally. He has been vegan for going on 2 years, it started with a 30 day challenge that he didn’t look back from. I have heard the way he advocates for his lifestyle and it is in a way that intrigues and inspires.

He is the sexiest man I know. Full of life and always seeking action. Currently he is teaching children English. He is one of those people that you can’t help but fall in love with and isn’t afraid of the ‘L’ word. Everyone in his life knows how much they mean to him. There should be a show called ‘Everybody loves Kaz’, and with a sense of humour like his, he is just the full package!

Not only is he full of life, love and an adrenaline junkie he also has compassion for the people and animals around him. An all round inspiring individual. Totally and utterly a heart-throb!”

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Nominee #9: Grant Pendleton

Nominated by: Colleen Campbell

“Grant is from Angel Fire, New Mexico and became vegan a year ago after watching the movie “Forks Over Knives” and “Earthlings.” Besides being a sexy vegan man, Grant is a triathlete, animal rescuer, and expert plant-based grill master.

Grant became vegan virtually over night after understanding the personal, spiritual, ecological, environmental, and global impacts of a plant-based lifestyle. With a master’s degree in International Relations from Australian National University, Grant plans on leading the world by example toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

So far, Grant has seen numerous health benefits from becoming vegan and doesn’t see and end in sight. He runs, swims, and bikes faster, he recovers more quickly from strenuous workouts, and he feels great about eating foods that promote not only a healthy body, but a healthy earth. Along with his girlfriend, Colleen (a plant-based personal trainer), they have started EcoEvolve, a consulting company that emphasizes Green Lifestyle around sustainability and veganism in the Rocky Mountains”.

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Nominee #4: Jonathan Wright

Nominated by: Kathrynanne Wright Thomas

“Jonathan Wright is a U.S. Marine originally from Kittery, Maine, now stationed in Japan. He has been vegan for 1 and a half years and I believe Jonathan is entitled to The Vegan Woman’s 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man title because not only does he serve to save millions of animals, he also does so while serving our United States Military. After watching several heart breaking documentaries, Jon decided for both health and ethical reasons to go vegan. Though it has been short, Jonathan has been the most passionate at what he does. He is deployed every other month for four months at a time accompanying many other Marines in tough training. Despite the military being less then friendly to vegetarians and especially vegans, Jon has maintained a vegan diet the entire time. On top of this, Jon will educate marines occasionally on the benefits on being a vegan and animal cruelty.

When he is not on ship or doing training, Jon is a volunteer for the Okinawan American Animal Rescue Society. He has fostered more than 50 animals, adopted an abused pit bull, and contributed more than 2k to helping animals. At the end of his day, he comes to his son, whips up a Vegan meal for his family, and watches their favorite nature documentaries together with all their foster fur-babies”.

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Nominee #5: Alex Cuevas

Nominated by: Lori Zito

“Why would a successful software engineer leave a lucrative job at the peak of his career? If you ask my boyfriend, Alex Cuevas, he will first explain to you his life’s purpose: “To reduce suffering.” And it was to fulfill this very purpose that he left his corporate life, along with the comforts and pleasures of living in Manhattan, and used his life savings to launch a small vegan cafe in the middle of Miami, whose mission is to reduce the suffering of animals, humans, and the planet we share. It was a dream for Alex that began at 10 years old…

I first ‘met’ Alex, who actually hails from Northern California,  when I stumbled across one of his Youtube videos, where he educates and entertains under the guise of ‘the vegan assassin’  (assassin refers to the ‘assassination’ of cancer, heart disease, suffering, etc through a vegan diet and lifestyle). I was so amused and impressed by his vids that I just had to comment…and thus began a friendship that took root with the alignment of our values as ethical vegans, and slowly grew into much more. As most vegans do, when we became friends one of the first questions I asked Alex was why and when he went vegan. This was his response: “For me, the animal story started when I was 10 years old. I watched a video that made me realize that McDonalds yummy hamburgers were actually sourced from animal suffering and death… I was done  overnight. Although I could not describe or articulate myself well at that age, I knew I didn’t want to be a part of that.” Being raised by parents who had immigrated from Mexico, and a mother who prepared very ‘Latin’ meals, he was told he was going to die. But he persevered, led by his strong moral conviction. And by the time he was 20 he had shifted from vegetarianism to vegan. Now at 25+ years vegetarian and 15+ years vegan, Alex truly lives his purpose. I am witness to the endless hours he spends building his business, fueled entirely by passion. 

As a highly educated Yale alumni, Alex has given up the financial stability of the corporate world, and pours not only his heart and soul, but also every penny he makes, back into the cafe. He knows that this is HIS path to inspire change. It is his love and compassion for ALL sentient beings that makes Alex the sexiest vegan man alive…the exterior is just an added bonus…”

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Nominee #6: Steve Taylor

Nominated by: Ashley Wall

“This lovely piece of vegan man candy is my boyfriend of over 2 years. When we started dating I challenged him to go vegetarian for lent just to try it out (I’d been vegan for a couple years already) and he loved it. Not too long after this we went to a local event in Grand Rapids called Wake Up Weekend that helps to educate people and bring awareness to animal cruelty issues. After that he went vegan and never looked back…

Steve is extremely intelligent and athletic. He’s currently working at getting his masters in electrical engineering from Grand Valley State University and will be done in December! In his spare time he stays active by rock climbing, running and road biking.  He’s extremely family oriented and a truly fun loving and sweet person that I’m so lucky to have in my life. I hope you enjoy looking at his awesome pictures!!”

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Nominee #1: Jeff Fisher

Nominated by: Samantha Fisher

“Jeff is from Ellensburg, WA, outside of Seattle. He has been vegan for a year and a half.

He plays with his kids, rides a mountain bike like a champ, is kind and always supportive of me and my crazy ideas. He has embraced veganism whole heartedly with me and has no hang ups with what makes a man manly. He will always speak his mind. He’s got bedroom eyes, wild hair and a heart of gold”.

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Nominee #2: Stephen Trevor Kurtz

Nominated by Amber Pinkey-Evans

“Stephen is an amazing and inspiring friend and light!!  He is from Boyertown PA and has been a Vegan for 10 years.  Recently Stephen came to stay with me for several weeks after a long journey on the road as a professional bass player for The Dirk Quinn Band.  He helped me grow a huge garden, start buying and cooking organic and jogging daily in combination with Yoga!  Recently Stephen lost his father Steve, also a musician to Cancer and it was a huge reaffirmation that food is the cure!!

It is Not easy to eat organic Vegan in a world full of poisoned, genetically modified and fast food…especially on the road.  Weather traveling or living at home Stephen can turn your garden into a chefs pantry!  Every meal is infused with a balance of nutrients, color and flair…and every meal he cooks goes into his journal cookbook so to someday publish a eat Vegan cookbook No matter what your circumstance.  He is a huge supporter of permaculture, sustainability and Zen!

This man is a model of how to eat and WHY… Just look at him!  Feline in ALL he does this man is your newest Sexiest Vegan Man!  The ladies follow him from West Coast to East and now not just because he’s sexy but because he’s leading a food revolution by example!”

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Nominee #3: Craig Kapitan

Nominated by: Sommer Kapitan

“Whether or not he wins your vote as the Sexiest Vegan Man… Craig will always be my hot, gorgeous moral compass. Vegan since 1997 (before that, vegetarian from 1994), Craig is from San Antonio via Simi Valley, California and Olathe, Kansas. He is this gorgeous, deep thinking man with tattoos and a tongue ring and a fondness for Elvis, monkeys, and playing Star Wars riffs on the trombone after a Tom Collins or two. I bought him blue, Elvis-embellished pillow slips so that every morning he wakes up, I see his big blue eyes winking back at me.

What also drew me to him was that he had a sense that something was wrong with our society’s food supply — and instead of just talking about it, he actually did something about it. That is incredibly hot. For someone who was raised on Del Taco and bacon, giving up animal products was a really big deal. I never enjoyed meat, so once I realized that his values were the values I wished I’d been raised with… the switch was no problem. He never preached and didn’t condone others’ choices (hard to do in the small Texas town we met in, with little vegan options and little tolerance of non-BBQ standards), he is always just an example eater. Craig has always felt like my home, and it’s in part because he helped connect me to my guiding principle and value system: Above all, do no harm. He didn’t proselytize and he didn’t even ask me to change my eating habits (though I finally did take the full-on vegan plunge, a year after we were married). But knowing him, I knew a rigid, well-read standard, a hard line against harming sentient beings and ingesting any byproducts of their fear, anger, confusion and horror.

Nothing makes me yearn to just lean into this man more today than seeing him with our one-year-old daughter. He challenges her, makes her laugh as loud as a freight train, reads her books (her favorite is still “What Do I Eat?,” a random board book from Costco that shows every animal from rhinos to reindeer, tortoises and sloths eating leaves, lettuce and hay), and helps her smear her face and her dinner tray with avocados and lentils. We don’t know what challenges face us raising a vegan toddler, but he has always called it our next great adventure”.

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