Asheley Shaw


Hi I’m Asheley. I’m new to the Portland area and excited for new experiences, people, and places! My husband and I moved here because we wanted a big change from Southern California. I became vegetarian in August 2009 and tried to be as vegan as possible. I became vegetarian because I had seen a slaughter video and then it just made sense to transition to vegan, especially after learning all the health benefits. My husband wasn’t far behind me with the transition. The great thing about our move is all the yummy vegan food that is available to us now!

I believe the vegan lifestyle is the only true way to live cruelty free. I am an advocate of Save Japan Dolphins and I have protested for the dolphins of Taiji, Japan. I hope to spread the vegan word throughout my lifetime. I am very passionate about being proactive and involved as much as I can. 

Someday, I would like to have my own personal training business and show people how healthy being vegan is…it’s healthy for you and it’s healthy for our planet!
I’m excited for this new journey and I hope many people, as well as myself, can learn along the way!