Zion Lights


I have been vegan since taking the leap in 2003. I am proud to stand alongside animals instead of eating them, and hoping to make the world a better place has always been at the root of my lifestyle choices. I am also a blessed mother to an 8 month old baby girl called Arwyn with whom I am having the amazing experience of attachment parenting. 

I call myself an ‘Urban Farmer’ because I love growing my own food using permaculture and organic growing methods, spending time in nature, making everything I can from scratch, cooking hearty, home-made vegan meals, and of course eating out at fine vegan dining eateries – as a break from it all! I also keep ex-battery hens and am getting into bee-keeping- not to use their produce, but to give them the space and a place to ‘bee’.

I believe that cultivating and maintaining a positive mindset while living in the city is one of the biggest challenges urbanites face today. I try to counter this with regular ashtanga yoga practice and meditation, which help me to be mindful in everything I do. For me, being vegan is integral to this philosophy as it means thinking carefully about all the choices I make in life and fitting them into living a low-carbon lifestyle and treading lightly on our precious planet.

I am also an enthusiastic gospel singer- but I won’t go into that now!

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