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I became interested in animal rights while studying philosophy and ethics at university. I do a lot of different jobs, including writing films. I've had one movie released in cinemas and have another script currently under option. When people assume I'm a hippie because of my vegan diet I fly into an apoplectic rage. In my spare time I play rugby, and I'm an active supporter of the Iranian dissidents in exile.

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What You Eat is NOT Your Personal Business

A common off-the-cuff response to vegan advocates is that what a person eats is nobody else’s business, and that it’s wrong of vegans to try to enforce their lifestyle choice on others.   What worries me about this response is that it shows just how little people actually think about...
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Riding Elephants on Your Holiday: The Truth Behind Scenes

Thought riding elephants on your holiday is a fun experience? You might want to think again. If you have any compassion towards elephants, the last thing you want to be doing is sponsoring this cruel tourist attraction....
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Vegetarian Shoes: Men, Women, and Animal Friendly

While it’s not difficult to find fake leather shoes – the cheapest models in large chain stores tend to be fake leather – it can be difficult to find high-quality faux leather shoes, especially if you don’t want to support companies that use sweatshops. Another problem is finding high-quality shoes...
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