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Hi, I’m Clare. I’m a fairly new but highly enthusiastic vegan (as you can probably tell!). I currently live in Glasgow, Scotland with my long suffering husband, two young sons, our rabbit and hamster. When I’m not writing for The Vegan Woman, I’m a freelance copywriter and blogger – I also spend an obscene amount of time baking cakes and running around the local park with my boys.

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How to Go Vegan as a Family

Becoming a vegan is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do – but it can also be one of the most challenging. Add a partner and a mini-me or two to the mix and you’ll wonder how on earth you’re going to manage this. So, before you decide...
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Is Vegan Food More Expensive? A Guide to Eating Vegan on a Budget

One of the most popular arguments against veganism is the perceived cost of vegan food. Many people will use the excuse, “I would go vegan, but it’s just so expensive,” or “Where would I buy all those special vegan foods?” to avoid making the switch. To them, a plant-based vegan...
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How to Choose Your Plant Based Milk? Vegan Milks 101

Gone are the days when milk came only from cow or goat. Now we can “milk” nuts, seeds, grains and even beans! But are these plant milks healthy? Which one is the best? And the worst? What should we look out for when choosing a plant milk?  And why would...
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