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I live in the UK with my fantastic partner and two beautiful dogs - we are all vegan. I’m passionate about animal welfare, veganism and spreading the vegan word through education, support and hugs! When I’m not writing for The Vegan Woman I teach yoga as I believe Yoga truly helps practitioners to become more compassionate and conscious in every way – which is good for all beings. For fun I love spending time with my vegan crew, helping out at an animal shelter and watching corny sci-fi

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The BayTree House: A Vegan B&B in Hastings

It must take a lot of integrity and courage to open a completely vegan bed and breakfast. You would think that it would limit your market. Well, not if you are Penny and Trevor, the proud vegan owners of the BayTree House! The Baytree is an elegant, luxurious, Victorian, pet and...
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10 Reasons Why Vegans Should Be Happy

“Where do you get your protein?” “How can you live without cheese?” “What about chocolate?” “But you eat fish, right?” “Why are you vegan?” Even for the most patient vegans, answering with buckets of enthusiasm every time someone asks you about your diet or lifestyle can be tiresome, especially when...
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