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My name is Natalie Cunningham and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am a mum of two beautiful girls, Leilani and Malia and my husband is Robert. We are a vegan family – I have been vegan for over 10 years now, Robert for 3 years and our children have been vegan since birth. I am the vice president and one of the founders of Vegan Parents Australia – an organisation dedicated to bringing vegan families together for moral support and friendships and to mainstream veganism by dispelling the myths that it is dangerous for children to be vegan, and that it is in fact easy and healthy!

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The International Chickpea: A Loveable, Versatile Legume

As a vegan mother, one of my best friends in the whole world is the humble chickpea. These cute little legumes offer so much from both a nutritional as well as a versatility perspective. While it is true that pretty much all legumes hold impressive nutritional profiles, chickpeas, above all...
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Surviving the Chanukah-Christmas Holidays as a Vegan

Traditional ways of celebrating Christmas and Chanukah aren’t exactly vegan friendly. The extensive use of animals for food, clothing, and gifts can make the holiday season seem daunting for inexperienced vegans. Moving into my twelfth year of veganism, I have some tricks up my sleeve for not only surviving the...
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Happy Rosh Hashana: Celebrating the Jewish New Year the Vegan Way

With Rosh Hashanah (otherwise known as Jewish New Year) approaching it is time for us Jewish vegans to think of innovative new traditions in the spirit of the customary food. Honey is the main focus of this holiday as it is sweet and represents the beginning of a “sweet new...
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Who Declared You The Vegan Police? Judgement among the Vegan Community

As vegans we all agree that the meat, egg and dairy industries are cruel beyond words. We all agree that the environmental impact of animal agriculture is horrific. We all agree that a balanced vegan diet is healthy and adequate, and we all agree that the definition of Veganism is...
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