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Hi I’m Natalie, I live and work in Nottingham, UK with my partner Will. When I’m not busy baking all things Vegan, I like to read and run. I became vegan while traveling in Australia and have not looked back. I’m excited to be involved in the vegan community and inspired by all the great people I share this passion with.

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Vegan Seafood: A Review of Sophie’s Kitchen

One company is offering a sea of vegan seafood options. Sophie's Kitchen is offering a variety of vegan sea foods that are plant based, non-GMO, free from gluten, trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavorings of any kind....
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5 Must-See Vegan Documentaries

Watching a film with a vegan-related theme can be a great way to inspire friends and family to go vegan, and re-affirm your own passion for compassion. There are many thought-provoking movies out there, but to give you a starting point, here are my reviews of five popular vegan documentaries...
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Plant-Powered: Vegan Women’s Bodybuilding

Ten years ago, the term “Vegan Bodybuilder” was little more than an oxymoron. But as more athletes of all kinds turn to veganism for ethical reasons and/or for performance improvement, vegan bodybuilding is becoming ever more popular with many books, websites and podcasts now available and finally, last year, the...
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