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Zion Lights is a freelance journalist with fingers in many vegan pies. Zion lives in the UK with her little vegan family and an assortment of plants and animals that she couldn’t resist taking home. She is a regular contributor at One Green Planet and The Huffington Post .

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Are Fish Spas Vegan?

Fish spas are supposedly healthy and ethical practices, but are they really, and should we support them?...
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The Lady Behind THAT Lush Campaign

Lush’s window display at their Regent Street store in London’s West End was a scene shoppers and passersby were not quite prepared for as they set out to enjoy a day of shopping this past April. In a pioneering step towards the elimination of animal testing, Lush collaborated with artist...
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Baby-Led Weaning for the Mini Vegan

As with all the major parenting topics I began my research into baby-led weaning by reading material relevant to attachment parenting. The basic ‘radical’ notion behind baby-led weaning is that the baby can learn to feed herself/ himself instead of being spoon-fed. The term was coined by Gill Rapley, who...
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Forays Into a High-Raw Vegan Diet

You’ve no doubt heard this before, but I’m going to say it anyway. Raw foods make you feel good. When I started out with my personal experiment of incorporating more raw foods into my diet, I was sceptical about all the claims I had heard about them. They will make...
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