Happy Herbivore Recommendations


Marie Shriver: I recommend Happy Herbivore. Why? Because she’s a real person, someone who has struggled with her weight and struggled with life decisions. More than anything it’s because she talks about food that fits my lifestyle, I’m a full time employee and mom… so my time is precious. Also, she each week she features someone who has successfully lost weight and gotten off meds by converting their diet, this is always very encouraging for me. 
Tanya Seibold from VA: I absolutely love the Happy Herbivore blog, but particularly for these 3 things:  1) She keeps it updated constantly, maybe 2-3 times a day, and having constant and new content is nothing short of amazing, and a great way to have presence on the internet.  2) She presents views different than her own, whether it is from the vantage point of her parents honestly reviewing her recipes, other successful “Herbies”, her sister, and I appreciate the different voices that help make up the awesome content.  3) She is open and honest about her views, even if they may be unpopular with certain crowds, and I appreciate her back bone when it comes to stuff like that.  4)  She keeps me informed, and presents things in an easy to understand manner (example, when she compared a tablespoon of olive oil to a Snicker’s bar nutritional-wise, it really opened my eyes and I’ve changed my ways as a result).  5) She has awesome recipes, I haven’t made anything that was a flop yet, everything is delicious! 
Liz Santos: Naturally….the Happy Herbivore.  Lindsay’s recipes never failed me, they are easy and tasty.  Not only did it convince me to go vegan full-time (I just started this year); I got my son to be a part time vegan.  Lindsay also has wrote some interesting articles of interest (health, travel) as they relate to veganism.  I’m looking forward to her 3rd book!
Diane Wessel from Cleveland OH: Lindsay is so personable, she answers every email and facebook post when she can, so if your in the middle of making one of her recipes, you don’t have to wait 2-3 days to get an answer.  Her recipes are so easy, the ingredients you usually have on hand, and they are simply so delicious.  I recommend her webpage to anyone who is thinking about eating healthier.  She doesn’t berate people if they still use oil, cheese or dairy.  She encourages them to do their best.  And did I mention her recipes are so yummy.  I’ve only made one thing from her cookbooks so far that I haven’t liked.  And I’ve made alot of her recipes.  So check her out.
Mary Kate Bell from Boston, MA: My favorite blog is Happy Herbivore because Lindsay’s recipes are not only creative, but they are incredibly easy to make.  I feel like Lindsay’s blog embodies the image of clean vegan eating.  Whenever I make one of Lindsay’s recipes I feel as though I am being healthy and I do not feel sluggish afterwards because there are no extremely heavy ingredients in her recipes.