Scott Renwick


I believe veganism is the future, that’s why I make it my present. I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years now  and till this day it still remains one of the aspects of my life that I am most proud of.  It never stays still, we’re constantly discovering ways to grow it, embody it and promote it as not only a positive way of life but an essential path to living in a balanced world.

I live in Tel Aviv, Israel with my darling wife Sivan and our two adorable cats, who we get to fall in love with at least once a day. My professional background is in landscape architecture which led me to setting up Landscape Architects Network, teaching me valuable lessons in community building, content management, social media and working with a team. These are skills I feel I can bring to the Vegan Woman to help achieve greater results and establish the vegan woman as a global name.

To relax I like to keep fit, pet the cats and eat, I love to eat, and if you ever see me eat, you’ll be amazed by the amount I can pack away and speed at which I do it. If it’s vegan and it’s tasty, it’s for me.

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