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Making Vegan Compost for Your Garden

Ever wondered how to make the most out of your food waste? As a vegan diet is rich in fruit and vegetables, we often have a lot of waste in the form of peelings, off-cuts, seeds and pulp. But did you know that this so called “waste” could be potential...
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Back to Basics: How to Start Your Very Own Vegan Garden

Most people are a bit intimated when it comes to starting out as a gardener; some see it as all too hard or a pastime for the older folks. I see it as a chance to change our perception of growing our own food in our backyard and would love...
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Changing the World One Vegan Backyard at a Time

It took me a while to fall in love with gardening, now I can't wait to change the world one vegan backyard at a time. From growing vegan food to nurturing the backyard, vegan style....
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