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5 Ways to Connect With Other Vegans

Connecting with other vegans is one of the most helpful and supportive actions you can take when embarking on a vegan lifestyle. Here are some tips for meeting other vegans both in real life and online....
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My Vegan Journey: Seeking Health, Finding Compassion

Over five years ago, I decided to make the switch to veganism for 99% completely selfish reasons. About a month after being diagnosed with a “progressive and incurable neurological disease” with no known cause, cure or truly viable treatment, I decided, out of oppressive desperation, to search for a remedy...
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Aligning Actions with Beliefs: Veganism and Cognitive Dissonance

As ethical vegans, we are always trying to educate others and inspire them with our actions to emphatically commit to the vegan lifestyle like we do, but more often than not, our pleas fall on deaf ears. It turns out that it’s not enough to discuss the evils of factory...
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