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Back to Basics: How to Start Your Very Own Vegan Garden

Most people are a bit intimated when it comes to starting out as a gardener; some see it as all too hard or a pastime for the older folks. I see it as a chance to change our perception of growing our own food in our backyard and would love...
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Getting Your Kids Active in Your Vegan Organic Garden

Aside from the standard pests that we all see in our gardens, one of the most destructive of all forces is our kids… Aside from putting up 6-foot high fences topped with barbed wire (these wild creatures will always find their way into your freshly planted patch and create havoc),...
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When in London – The 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

During my last visit to London, I received a very tempting offer that I just couldn’t refuse. Lisa, my husband’s sister in law who lives in London, found a vegan restaurant that she was excited to try out with us. THIS was a very special moment. “Why” you might ask?  ...
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Are Organic Foods Really Better?

Organic foods.  Are they really healthier?  Are they easier on the environment?  Doesn’t “organic” imply a more natural and cruelty-free environment for the animals?  What about organic seafood? There are loads of myths surrounding the “organic” label, and producers love to perpetuate these myths, as we are more willing to...
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Forays Into a High-Raw Vegan Diet

You’ve no doubt heard this before, but I’m going to say it anyway. Raw foods make you feel good. When I started out with my personal experiment of incorporating more raw foods into my diet, I was sceptical about all the claims I had heard about them. They will make...
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