Are You a True Vegan Foodist? Would You Like to Join The Vegan Woman team?


Do you LOVE food? Are you passionate about VEGANISM? Do you find yourself staring at vegan BLOGS on a daily basis?

If you answered YES to all these questions AND you have great communications, organization and networking skills, you could be The Vegan Woman’s very first Food and Recipe manager!

The Vegan Woman is looking for a VOLUNTEER manager for its food and recipe section, and if you think it’s all you – then let us know! 

The volunteer management position requires: - 5 HOURS in total per WEEK  - Great communication and networking skills  - Great organizational skills - Daily internet, email and Facebook accessibility

The manager will be in charge of: - New recipe and article ideas - Networking with vegan food bloggers from across the globe - The Vegan Woman’s annual food blog guide 

Think you got what it takes to manage our food and recipe section? Want to be part of The Vegan Woman team?

Please apply here, and let us know why this position is all YOU:

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