The Vegan Woman’s 2014 Panel of Judges


Brenda Carey - Vegan Health & Fitness MagazineBrenda Carey, Editor in Chief and founder of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine


As a lifelong athlete and 23-year vegan, Brenda founded Vegan Health & Fitness magazine in 2012 to provide accurate information on vegan health and nutrition as well as inspirational stories about the many great vegan athletes around the world who are doing so many great things on a regular basis, in an easily accessible place. A skilled researcher and a fan of hard evidence, Brenda is a licensed attorney with a background in modeling and photography as well as writing and editing for many newspapers and the top academic journal Ecology Law Quarterly.

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine is the first and still the only magazine in the world to combine anything veg with health and/or fitness.  It is also the only widely distributed magazine with the word “vegan” in the title.  It is now available in over 1,000 stores in the US and Canada as well as hundreds of stores in the UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia.

Brenda works closely with the top vegan athletes and nutritional experts in the world on a daily basis and, as in the magazine she founded, you can expect her talks to provide you with information on how optimum nutrition can provide you with optimum performance, as an athlete and beyond!

Vegan Chef Avi Jean LevyAvi-jean Levy, founder and creator at Vegan Food Artistry


“Switching to a vegan healthy diet about a year ago, I was pleasantly surprised at how extensively my culinary world has increased and developed. From meat and some side dish, my culinary world has expanded to a wide variety of flavors based on plants, and an endless world of possibilities based on nuts fruits and vegetables. With the transition, I’ve discovered new ways of eating and new foods that were exciting and fascinating to me. The strong sense of creativity these feelings brought about gave life to my culinary blog and Facebook page where I get to share my creations”.

Avi-jean is a Raw Vegan Chef based in Israel; offering cooking workshops, raw vegan courses, and creating vegan recipes presented in an artistic and alluring presentation. Visit his website Vegan Art and his Facebook page here.

John Lewis Bad Ass VeganJohn Lewis, fitness expert and founder of Bad Ass Vegan


As a nationally certified fitness trainer, John Lewis has spent over 8 years in the health and fitness industry and played Division I College basketball. John is highly passionate about not only his own health and fitness, but that of others as well.

In addition to his extensive knowledge in body sculpting and contouring, what makes John one of the top national fitness trainers is his creative ability to understand and live a vegan lifestyle while maintaining a physique that is commendable. In essence, he is able to cater to a diverse group of individuals and his services are highly sought after as he masterfully creates and develops personalized, unique and healthy nutrition plans. It is not surprising that given his unique abilities he has attracted clients from various industries including actors, models, and business professionals of all ages. John strives to educate his clients on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and he takes great pride in transforming individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. After all, it is said, that 60% of one’s success is based on how one feels about themselves.

John’s education in business coupled with his love for health and fitness gave him the ability to start his venture – Bad Ass Vegan – a health and nutrition company that strives to educate individuals on plant based nutrition. John’s love for his community brought forth the brainchild of “BAD ASS VEGAN”, a foundation whose mission is to prevent obesity through education, physical activity and plant based nutrition.

Emily SegalEmily Segal, The Vegan Woman team member and founder of Triumph Wellness


Emily Segal is The Vegan Woman’s health and nutrition columnist, and the founder of Triumph Wellness, an International Nutrition Counseling Practice. .

She is a board certified holistic health coach, specializing in Plant-Based Nutrition, Sugar Addiction, Emotional Eating and Sports Nutrition.

Emily is a married mother of two who spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious vegan dishes. When not cooking, or working with her wonderful clients from all over the world on improving their health, Emily can be found out on the road training for her next marathon.