10 Vegan Summer Food Ideas

It’s hot. Very hot. I have been on a mission to find the most cooling, refreshing vegan summer recipes the web has to offer, and yes, I would like to share them with you!

So here we go, prepare yourself for one seriously fresh breeze:

1. Festive Fruit Lollies

Though the website these were taken from is definitely not vegan, this recipe is. Choose your favourite fruits to create this refreshing presentation of vegan popsicles – summer style. If you choose to use alcohol in some of them, make sure your booze is vegan.


2. Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate & Macadamia Salad

This exotic looking salad by the Alkaline Sisters is refreshing, light, rich in nutrients and will keep you energetic in those hot summer days – just like a light summer meal should.



3. Cacao Pistachio Florentine Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh my goodness. If you are anything of a pistachio fan like I am, you must be licking your lips right now! This seductive ice cream sandwich by Green Chef Russel James contains many vegan goodies such as coconut butter, coco, cashews, and of course my favourite nut of all – pistachios.



4. Broccoli Guacamole Dip

If it’s a light snack that you are after, why not give this creative dip by Vegangela a go? The dip combines avocado with fresh broccoli, tomato and lemon juice. You simply can not go wrong.


5. Vegan Ice Cream without a machine

Yes! No ice cream machine needed for these babies. Jessica from Clean Green Simple shows you how it’s done in the flavours of Berries,  Peanut Butter and Pecan… 


6. Mango Macadamia and Avocado Salad

Fresh and light this summer salad with an Arugula leaf base by Healthy Happy Life is easy to make and as refreshing as can be.



7. Beautiful Berry Napoleon 

This recipe by Vegan Lisa appeared on One Green Planet about a year ago. The recipe is raw vegan, but can be easily adjusted to those without a dehydrator as well. 


 8. Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous Salad with Balsamic Dressing

And here is another light and refreshing vegan summer meal. This salad by Maple Spice combines roasted veg with couscous (you can use the wholemeal version as well), fresh leafy greens and balsamic dressing. A celebration of flavours while still staying light.


 9. Raw Strawberry Tart

This is yet another brilliant raw vegan recipe from Vegan Lisa. This one was published on Eat Spin Run Repeat, and it combines the goodness of nuts with the gorgeous flavour of strawberries and vegan cream.


10. Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

And of course, how can we end this list without a refreshing vegan summer mocktail? Choose the agave version of this grapefruit Mojito recipe for the vegan variation.  Have a fantastic and refreshing vegan summer!

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