2013 Sexy Vegan Man Competition – Voting and Results!

The competition has ended!

After over a month of nominations and lots of votes, we have our winners!!!

Scroll down for the results!!!

The competition was VERY tight and in some cases only a few votes separated one finalist from another.

Needless to say that in our eyes all of the gorgeous vegan men who were nominated, as well as all the vegan men out there deserve the title, as every man who thinks for himself, is devoted to being the voice for those who can not speak for themselves and who leads by example – is, indeed a sexy vegan man!

will receive a vegan themed top of their choice
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The person who nominated the winning entry will receive the grand prize:

$100 Gift Certificate

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The wining nominee will be awarded with the title
The Vegan Woman’s 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man
So without further ado, here are the winners:


Brian Patton of The Sexy Vegan

To see Brian’s nomination – click here

Todd Tarzia
To see Todd’s nomination – click here


Although not a contestant in our competition, we couldn’t help but give someone who we truly admire an honorary mention!

John Robbins, author of the best seller “Diet for a New America“, has touched the lives of many with his dedicated work and exposure of the connections between our diets, lifestyle and environment, and factory farming. As our team member Sarah said, “Before Carl Lewis made vegan intriguing, Alicia Silverstone made vegan sexy, and Bill Clinton made vegan “normal,” John Robbins was paving the way for millions of people to go vegan, and his journey started with his first book, Diet for a New America”

Here is what John’s wife, Deo, had to say:

“John Robbins, my sexy sweetheart (and husband) has been a passionate advocate for a healthy and kind world since before we met and fell in love over 45 years ago.  At age 39, he wrote the groundbreaking Diet For a New America, followed by 10 other best selling books.  He has been voted the most influential vegan of all time, and is the recipient of countless accolades including the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Rachel Carson Award, the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Green America.  
Millions of people admire him for his integrity in walking away from the Baskin-Robbins fortune in order to be true to his integrity. I am one of them, but I also know that he is a wonderful husband, a devoted father, a deeply caring grandfather to our twins grandsons, a generous and reliable friend, and someone who LOVES to cook and wash dishes!  He’s also incredibly fit for a 65-year-old man.  A marathoner and triathlete, he is proof that a vegan man can be one of the fittest, sexiest guys on the entire planet”.

What a sexy vegan indeed!


Jeff Fisher
To see Jeff’s nomination – click here


Grant Pendleton
To see Grant’s nomination – click here

WInner of The Vegan Woman’s 2013 Sexiest Vegan Man Title

Brett Schmidt – click here to see nomination

And the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Compassion Couture’s Online shop:

Caroline Jones who nominated Brett

 Congratulations Brett & Caroline and congratulations to all the nominees!

A big big thank you to our sponsors, Compassion Couture, 100% Vegan and Eco-Friendly Handbags, Shoes & Accessories

who are currently on sale:

And a big big thank you to our team member, Emma Gibson, for helping run this competition which we all enjoyed! 

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