The 2014 Vegan Food Blog Guide

The Top 20 Vegan Blogs to Watch




keepin it kind


Keepin’ it Kind by Kristy Turner and Chris Miller


What our team says:

Mango Lemonade Smoothie Parfait
Mango Lemonade Smoothie Parfait by Keepin’ it Kind

Established only two years ago, this vegan food blog by Kristy (recipe creator) and husband Chris (photography) is not only creative and aesthetically enjoyable, but also well organized and easy to navigate – which  makes the search for the right recipe to dive into – a real pleasure.

This blog made it to the 15th place in last year’s guide and has been developing in leaps and bounds since! We can’t wait to see what Kristy is planning for us next – and this is what makes this blog a true top vegan food blog to watch! Congratulations Chris and Kristy.

What the judges say:

Emily Segal: I really think this blog stands to be the next Oh She Glows.  With a similar friendly, approachable style, beautiful photography, original recipes ideas and quality writing, Keepin’ It Kind makes you feel glad you visited.

Sweet potato black bean summer rolls
Sweet potato black bean summer rolls by Keepin’ it Kind

I also like how blogger, Kristy, shares the spotlight with other vegans and vegan bloggers through frequent interviews and recipe swaps.  The Vegan Cookie Part Swap made me gain a few kgs just by reading, but it was worth it.

What the recommenders say:

Emily Hawkes: Kristy is an amazing advocate for a vegan lifestyle – you can tell she truly cares for animals and IS the change she wants to see in the world.  Her recipes are innovative, but easy to follow, and I have introduced a number of new recipes into my repertoire that I have seen on Keepin’ it Kind.  She also writes beautifully – it’s like getting a letter from a friend every time she posts.

Jackie Bacardi: The recipes are amazing- I’ve tried several and they’re always big winners with my family. The photography is gorgeous too. What I love most, though, is Kristy’s down-to-earth, approachable personality, her sense of humor, and the stories she tells. She makes living compassionately easy and fun.



Coconut and Berries

Coconut and Berries by Emma Potts


What our team says:

Polenta Olive Tapenade Bites
Polenta Olive Tapenade Bites by Coconut and Berries

There was a fierce competition this year for the second place, and Emma Potts’ vegan blog, Coconut and Berries, has pulled through, winning our judges hearts! Coconut and Berries showcases beautiful food that is simple to make and which uses easy to find ingredients.

Established only one year ago, we think this blog is one to keep a keen eye on for years to come.

What the judges say:

Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Strawberry Jam Thumbprints
Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Strawberry Jam Thumbprints by Coconut and Berries

Emily Segal: How did I not know of this blog before today?  I just went through pinning almost all of Emma’s recipes!  I love the font and the clean design of the page. The photos are drool-inspiring.  The original recipes are simple to prepare and use commonly available ingredients.  

A lot of the recipes have both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flair which is my personal favorite way to eat, so I will definitely be making lots of these recipes.

John Lewis: Inviting website that just feels like a cousin invited to their home to try some great dishes that they have been working on.  The pictures are so warm and inviting that they make you hungry at the look of them.  The selection of foods divided into categories that make it easy to find allows the visitor to really enjoy the site and not get lost in all the commotion that a lot of other sites have.

What the recommenders say:

Paul Morran: Personal and kind. Beautiful photography, and generous in recognizing other sources (i.e. other vegan bloggers).



One Ingredient Chef

One Ingredient Chef by Andrew Olson


What our team says:

The World's Best 7 Layer Dip
The World’s Best 7 Layer Dip by One Ingredient Chef

This blog took our judges by storm! The one ingredient chef aka. Andrew Olson features beautiful photography and dishes centered on whole, unprocessed ingredients, which will ignite your senses and keep you coming back for more!

Like Coconut and Berries, this excellent vegan blog has only been around a little over a year and we can’t wait to see what great dishes and lovely vegan foods are in store for us! A definite blog to watch…

What the judges say:

John Lewis: I really like the layout of this vegan blog, and how it offers simple recipes for people who are just starting their cooking journey.  The website is easy to navigate and you are able to look at a list of different foods from Main Dish, Dessert, Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Sides & Snacks, Breakfast and Beverages.

Creamy Tofu Tortilla Soup
Creamy Tofu Tortilla Soup by One Ingredient Chef

Like I stated before I love the simplicity of the recipes but I have to say that the biggest advantage of this blog for me has to be the educational piece that is provided by the website to explain why he uses this way of cooking.  I honestly can’t wait to stay tuned to this website to see more of what Olsen has planned for us.

Emily Segal: I am totally down with the concept behind the one ingredient diet, which promotes the notion that all ingredients in a recipe should be a natural, whole food, rather than things that have long, chemically-filled ingredient lists.

What the recommenders say:

Anne Gubbins: One Ingredient Chef features healthy, whole foods. The recipes are not fussy and most can be made with ingredients you already have on hand. Delicious ideas abound!


Homemade Levity

Homemade Levity by Sara Hohn


What our team says:

Kabocha Scallion Gyoza Dumplings
Kabocha Scallion Gyoza Dumplings by Homemade Levity

At first glance this delightful blog by Sara Hohn might confuse you as it is not a straight-up food blog but more of a support website for those interested in making the transition to a plant based diet.

But be fooled not! This blog offers a beautiful and rich section of recipes (accessed via the sidebar on the right hand side of the site) that are absolutely delightful and simple to make.

What the judges say:

John Lewis: I really love the concept behind the website.  Sara did a great job with not only providing awesome recipes but also providing great resources for transitioning vegans. It seems very user friendly and inviting to those looking to transition to a plant based lifestyle. 

Silky Strawberry Lime Pie
Silky Strawberry Lime Pie by Homemade Levity

The pictures of the food are quite amazing.  The educational portions of her site make this a “go to” resource for those who are interested in becoming vegan, and visitors will not feel intimidated at all. 

Emily Segal: Less of a food blog (although there ARE plenty of recipes) and more of a vegan how-to, Homemade Levity has an open, non-judgemental, approachable vibe with articles to help new vegans make the transition. 

What the recommenders say:

Shasha Luvsmore: Educational, great spirit, dedicated to helping us make a great transition and eat healthy. Awesome blog!



The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 by Brandi Doming


What our team says:

Creamy Sweet n Gold Potato Soup
Creamy Sweet ‘n’ Gold Potato Soup by The Vegan 8

Brandi’s vegan blog, formerly known as The Healthy Flavor, features great vegan dishes that stay in the realms of 8 ingredients or less.

In addition, Brandy is committed to recipes that are not only vegan and delicious, but are also gluten-free and oil-free! What more can one ask?

What the judges say:

John Lewis: This website has some great looking tasty recipes and I like the way Brandi shows how easily recipes can be veganized. The Kid friendly options are a huge bonus which will appeal to families that are transitioning to a plant based way of life. I can’t wait to try some of the delicious looking dishes that are displayed on this wonderful website. 

What the recommenders say:

Raw Vegan Cinnamon Spice Cheesecake Tart
Raw Vegan Cinnamon Spice “Cheesecake” Tart by The Vegan 8

Marjorie: I love this blog, not only because all the recipes are 8 ingredients or less and super simple to make; but also the commentary that is used in the recipes is just purely delightful and upbeat.  The photography is exceptional.  It entices you to make the recipes or try and climb inside your computer to eat them!

Chassity Basquez: The recipes are fantastic – and at 8 ingredients or less, they’re time-saving, cost-effective, and…DELICIOUS!!!  For someone like me who is transitioning into veganism, her recipes are great because the recipes are so well thought out… Its familiar food that’s amazing, without being “bad”. There’s a positive vibe to the blog, and much motivation to cook healthy…my favorite, by far!



Vegan Sandra

Vegan Sandra by Sandra Vungi

What our team says:

Basic vegan jelly cake
Basic vegan jelly cake by Vegan Sandra

So simple, so clean and so captivating! Written from a log cabin somewhere in the Estonian country side, here you will find foods that everyone loves made vegan, and you will truly be able to sense Sandra’s passion for food and compassion.

What the recommenders say:

Camille Urban: I LOVE this blog because the recipes are easy to make, cost effective and I can find all the ingredients here in South Africa and they are super healthy too. Plus the photos of the food always look amazing, makes my mouth water just by looking at them.

Ireene Viktor: Very inspirational! Lots of cheap and easy recipes. There are very few vegan bloggers in Estonia and Sandra is definitely helping to spread the vegan word in this small country.



Vegan Yack Attack

Vegan Yack Attack by Jackie Sobon


What our team says:

Raw Vegan Mango Banana Cakes
Raw Vegan Mango Banana Cakes by Vegan Yack Attack

How does Jackie manage to do it all? With so many vegan related photography projects at hand, she still manages to surprise us with great recipes on her vegan food blog Vegan Yack Attack, and we even found out that she has some eBooks with some fav recipes available as well! This blog is a definite favorite to keep on watching…

What the recommenders say:

Jane Bener: Beautiful photography, great recipe ideas and fun enjoyable writing. I love visiting this website for inspiration when guests come over as she has some lovely creative ideas that will help impress your non-vegan guests.





Veggieful by Madison Butler and Jerome Partland


What our team says:

Vegan Vegetable Tikka Masala Recipe
Vegan Tikka Masala by Veggieful

A few steps up from last year’s guide, Madison and Jerome’s Vegan Food Blog has made it to our top 10! This is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing and creative blogs around. We also love the nutritional info presented at the end of each recipe which helps stay on tracks with calories, fats and other dietary info.

What the recommenders say:

Clare Parker: The site looks beautiful and easy to navigate and the recipes are easy and delicious.  Madison writes in such a friendly and accessible way and her recipes perfectly balance healthy options with decadent treats.  Jerome’s photos are stunning.  They also have reasonably priced eBooks available which are just as gorgeous to look at as the recipes within are delicious!



Gluten Free Vegan Girl


Gluten Free Vegan Girl by Solveig Berg Vollan


What our team says:

Vegan Pizza with Spinach Pesto and Cashew Mozzarella Cheese
Vegan Pizza with Spinach Pesto and Cashew “Mozzarella” Cheese by Gluten Free Vegan Girl

This lovely vegan blog, featuring vegan and gluten-free simple and tasty looking recipes by Solveig, comes all the way from Norway. Here you will find a variety of dishes including gluten-free breads and bakes goods, snacks, dips and mains.

What the recommenders say:

Torre Washington: I love this blog because of her willingness to share such amazing, delicious, nutritious and simple foods that are pleasing to both the eye and taste buds. I have made some of her recipes and the response is amazing.




the gourmet vegan

The Gourmet Vegan by Dan Waters


What our team says:

Portobello Mushroom, Hummus and Walnut Wellingtons served with a Red Wine Jus and Glazed Shallots
Portobello Mushroom, Hummus and Walnut Wellingtons served with a Red Wine Jus and Glazed Shallots by The Gourmet Vegan

If you are looking for homely and hearty vegan food, you’ve come to the right place. Dan Waters, aka, The Gourmet Vegan, has that homely hearty touch that keeps us coming, especially around the holiday time when we are looking for that something that everyone will savor.

With his lovely personality and special attention to his followers, no wonder Dan also received the most audience votes within the top 10 Vegan Blogs to Watch! Congrats Dan! We are looking forward to seeing more of your work.

What the recommenders say:

Stephen Dickson: This blog has recipes for every occasion. Christmas was the best menu I’d ever put together and it was all taken from this site. Simply delicious food, easy to follow instructions and no crazy ingredients that you can’t find! Vegan perfection!

Fiona Lickorish: I chose this vegan food blog because all Dan’s recipes turn out just the way he says they will, which is brilliant for a new vegan like me. And you can ask him questions on Facebook – and he always replies.

Ann Croft: Danny has put together an amazing selection of vegan recipes. Every recipe we’ve tried has turned out great and he’s so enthusiastic about vegan food and is a great inspiration!


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