The 2014 Vegan Food Blog Guide

The Top 20 Vegan Blogs to Watch



Vegan Mother Hubbard

Vegan Mother Hubbard by Sandra Kohlmann


What the recommenders say:

Koren Helbig: Sandra Kohlmann is the brainchild behind Vegan Mother Hubbard and she’s really hit her stride as a blogger over the past year or so. Sandra shares her journey on raising her twins daughters vegan style with open-hearted honesty. She also has a range of fabulously delicious vegan recipes that are really simple to make from things you’d often have lying around the house. Hers is a blog to be inspired by.


Mouthwatering vegan recipes

Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes by Miriam Sorrell

What the recommenders say:

Yael Parnes: I love how it gives vegan twists to non vegan food making it very easy to cook for friends and family. At the same time we see a lot of new and inventive dishes which are healthy, nutritious and don’t take 3 hours in the kitchen to prepare.

Apart from that Miriam uses mostly easy to find ingredients making life easy for everyone who is vegan/vegetarian or simply wants to eat less animal product. I love her blog so much that I even went ahead and bought her book.


Hell Yeah its Vegan

Hell Yea it’s Vegan! by Claryn

What the recommenders say:

Desiree Berg: I recently became a vegan and realized that I would have to start cooking my own food. I felt a bit lost, but Hell Yeah It’s Vegan taught me I can make almost anything vegan. After many years of eating fast food and delivery pizza, I’m now cooking and baking daily towards better health and a better world!


Essential Vegan

Essential Vegan by Vanessa Almeida

What the recommenders say:

Jo Garrett: The food in this vegan blog is healthy, simple, and delicious. The author, Vanessa,  is passionate and kind!



The kind cook

The Kind Cook by Melanie Baker


What the recommenders say:

Karla Simon-Emery: Mel, “the kind cook” is always taking her cooking to the next level and out of her comfort zone. This is exciting for me as a reader to observe and then try and replicate her creations later. The results have always been satisfying, simple and delicious with easy to follow recipes and no intimidation. I have been reading Mel’s blog since its beginnings and it has held my interest steadily over the years.

Karolina Cipusev: Simply ADORE this food blog! The recipes are easy to follow and always turn out delicious. The site is inviting and easy to navigate. I leave inspired by the beautiful photos and keen to try something new all the time!  Most importantly, when I make something from this site – the whole family loves it! Which is the ultimate test in my book.

Sarah Addinsall: The kind cook is passionate about food and her joy for the art of cooking is evident when reading her blog. Her ingredients are simple, and if ever they are not, she explains where to buy things or what to substitute, and the instructions are never confusing.


Raw Food for Life

Raw Food for Life by Natalie & Stuart McIntosh

What the recommenders say:

Mel B.: Although I am not raw, I am in awe of this blog. Nat and Stuart’s passion for raw food, organic produce and good health is moving. They have made it their life’s work to share all they know. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Their passion is changing lives. Adore them.



Vegangela by Angela Thompson

What the recommenders say:

Anna Johnson: Vegangela takes a very practical approach to being vegan but still manages to be creative and interesting. I have found many delicious and unusual recipes, plus tons of helpful tips, on this site. Whenever I am bored with what I’m eating, I go to Vegangela!


Eating whole

Eating Whole by Elisa Rachel

What the recommenders say:

Ruthe Lea: I am not only a vegan but have multiple food allergies and Eating Whole provided amazing recipes of delicious foods that make me feel like I can eat again!


Blacks going vegan

Blacks Going Vegan by Deborrah Cooper

What the recommenders say:

Shelia Gulledge: This site gives flavorful, not run of the mill ideas and recipes, particularly geared to those of us steeped in flavorful and previously meaty dishes. She offers realistic and innovative ideas that anyone seeking healthier eating habits can emulate without over thinking and having to scrounge for stores to buy special concoctions. Well done!


Flavour Photos

Flavourphotos by Chava Eichner

What the recommenders say:

Vicki Eastgate: Chava’s passion for vegan food jumps out from the pages of her blog!  Her imaginative and colourful photo’s provide much needed inspiration for myself and my family.

Almost made it to the Top 20 and deserve a warm mention:

Cadry’s Kitchen  Veganizzm  Veggie Nook  Healthing You  Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen Vegan Kitchen Table  The Comforting Vegan  My Blissful Journey  Jeeva

The chosen recommendations that have won prizes are….

Yael Parnes,  Sharon Carrizales and Shelia Gulledge!!

We will be in touch via email soon! Congrats!!

Thanks so much to all of you amazing people who voted and who are blogging, showing the world that great food doesn’t have to hurt any living being! Thank you for sharing the vegan love!

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