Anna-Claire Vaughn

Anna-Claire Vaughn lives on the Atlantic Ocean in the quaint town of Folly Beach, South Carolina with her fiance Dan, her brother Kenny, and two amazing dogs, Bella and Lexi. After being vegetarian for 4 years, she went vegan in a matter of hours upon visiting the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Willow, New York. While at the farm, she not only learned more about the vegan lifestyle and the benefits associated, but she also heard each animal’s story- what factory or slaughterhouse they were saved from, how they escaped from trucks and were found running down the highway, how they had friends and mates on the farm that were an integral part of their soulful lives. She saw a cow run with delight at the prospect of getting to eat a fresh orange from one of the volunteers, and experienced the contented grunt of Stanley the pig while getting his belly rubbed. The animals all had such character and personality, and it simply no longer made sense to drink their milk or eat their eggs. Being vegan for over a year now, Anna-Claire is experiencing even greater energy, love, and happiness than ever and loves to share the lifestyle with others.

Anna-Claire is passionate about cooking, nutrition, dolphins, yoga, dancing, and being in nature. Dedicated to using clean, healthy, and natural products, Anna-Claire started her own body care company, Dancing Sage Naturals. She enjoys handcrafting organic sugar scrubs and delicious, soothing lip balms using the best natural products available.

Anna-Claire has always enjoyed writing, while being a stickler for spelling and grammar, and is very grateful to be a part of The Vegan Woman team.

Visit Anna-Claire’s page – Dancing Sage Naturals, and her online shop at

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