Sarah Taylor

In 2002, Sarah Taylor went vegan overnight after reading a copy of John Robbin’s book, Diet for a New America.  Friends and family kept asking questions about her new diet, and she noticed that the questions were not usually about why she went vegan, but about how.  So Vegan in 30 Days was born – the first “how-to-go-vegan” book at the time.  With its practical approach and step-by-step plan, it has since become a favorite for people interested in trying out the vegan diet without becoming overwhelmed in the process.

In 2010, Sarah completed her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and is currently working on her next book about the vegan diet called Vegetarian to Vegan, which will be available in 2012. She is on faculty at the Nutritional Education Institute, and has worked as the Motivational Trainer for Joel Fuhrman, MD, author of Eat to Live. She has been interviewed for countless radio and internet shows, including NPR, PBS and EarthSave Radio, among others.  She is an “Expert” blogger at Vegsource and also runs her own weekly blog called The Vegan Next door.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing competitive tennis, adventure traveling and scuba diving.  She is also on the board at Leilani Farm Sanctuary – a sanctuary for rescued farm animals on Maui.

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