Christmas Joy: Vegan Bubble and Squeak with Cranberry Gravy Recipe

Bubble and squeak has always been my favourite meal around Christmas time…all those tasty vegetables and stuffing mixed together and fried into one delicious whole.

The best thing about this meal is its versatility. Whatever your favourite Christmas veg is, it can all go in…even sprouts! Topped with tasty mushrooms and juicy tomatoes, the flavours work perfectly- and then to give it all a Christmas kick, serve it with a pepper and cranberry gravy. Traditionally, this dish is made from the leftovers of the Christmas meal, but it’s just as easy to make this from scratch, as we did in this case. After all, why settle for nut roast every year?

Vegan Bubble and Squeak with Cranberry Gravy

Bubble and Squeak preparation: Boil the vegetable mixture until soft


85g stuffing mix (dry)

2 cups of mixed vegetables (peas, broccoli, cauliflower, runner beans, carrots, cooked potato)

3 cups of olive oil (for frying)

5 shallots

6 large mushrooms

6 small bunches of cherry tomatoes

Chives for garnish

Bubble and Squeak preparation: Place the tray of vegetables in the oven


4 large ripe red tomatoes

4 red bell peppers

3 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of olive oil

4 tbsp of Tabasco (less if you prefer)

2 tbsp of balsamic glaze

salt to taste

half cup cranberries

Bubble and Squeak preparation: Stuff the mixture into a frying ring

How to make:

Preheat the oven to 200 (c) degrees

Boil the vegetable mixture until soft, then drain the water and place to one side. Prepare an oven tray with chopped tomatoes, chopped peppers, chopped Shallots and the mushrooms. Also put the cherry tomatoes in (not chopped and still on the branch, if you can find them). Place the tray of vegetables in the oven. The cherry tomatoes will cook quicker than the rest of the tray contents, so take them out before they become too soft. Leave the remainder to properly roast and flip over midway during cooking. 15 minutes should be long enough or until they’re roasted.

Prepare the stuffing as per the package guidelines (if your stuffing comes in sachets and you use only part of the sachet, remember to use the correct amount of water to make your stuffing).

Heat the oil in the frying pan and then mash the cooked potatoes and add to pan. Continue by adding the stuffing mixture and the rest of the vegetables.

Fry the mixture until slightly crispy then stuff the mixture into a frying ring and continue to fry until crisp and golden on both sides. 

Once this is done, push the bubble and squeak cakes out of the rings onto serving plates. Garnish with the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and sprinkle chives decoratively around the sides.

Pepper and cranberry gravy

For the sauce:

Peel as much skin as you can off the bell peppers and add them, the chopped tomatoes, and the remaining ingredients into the blender and blend until you have a smooth texture. Add salt to taste and your sauce is ready!

I love this dish and it’s so easy to serve it looking like it has just come out of a restaurant kitchen!

I hope you enjoy it, and  have a wonderful Christmas!





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