The Illustrious Vegan Ice Cream Potluck: The Perfect Vegan Summer Get Together

So last time I wrote about summer foods I was ranting on all about how great a vegan barbecue is and completely disregarded the fact that in the summertime, nothing beats a waffle cone jam packed with scoops and scoops of icy cold ice cream! How on earth could I forget?

Luckily, my friend Amy didn’t overlook it and came up with a genius idea of dedicating an entire afternoon to celebrate the deliciousness that is Ice Cream. This afternoon would be known as The Illustrious Ice Cream Potluck and it happened last weekend.

Vegan Ice Cream Potluck: an entire afternoon to celebrate the deliciousness that is Ice Cream.
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This potluck, unlike all the other potlucks I have been to came with a set of very strict (but awesome) rules:

  1. If you own an ice cream machine you must make a batch of homemade vegan ice cream
  2. If you do not own an ice cream machine you must bring vegan cones or toppings
  3. No other food must be brought to this potluck – it is strictly ice cream only
  4. Eat lunch beforehand! (I think this rule was to prevent people from falling into a sugar coma…)

Making ice cream at home

The flavour that I chose to make was white chocolate raspberry.

Enjoying the vegan ice-cream toppings.
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I amended the white chocolate ice cream recipe from the book ‘Lick It! Creamy, Dreamy, Vegan Desserts Your Mouth Will Love’ by just adding frozen raspberries to the mixture just before putting it in my ice cream machine. It turned out heavenly!

There are other vegan ice cream recipe books out there as well such as Vice Cream and The Vegan Scoop.

Let the potluck begin!

Lucky for us it was a very hot afternoon, reaching 33 degrees Celsius – perfect for ice cream! We turned up to Amy’s house and added our white chocolate raspberry ice cream to the collection of choc-mint, chocolate marshmallow, butterscotch, choc-berry sorbet and bounty. Toppings wise there was homemade almond brittle, peanuts and soyatoo whipped cream.

A vegan celebration: using the time for some splashing in the water as well!
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It didn’t take any of us long to dig in and most of us went for seconds (and thirds!) Luckily I didn’t follow rule number 4 (Eat lunch beforehand) because I would have been way too full to cope with that amount of ice cream! My daughter Leilani was in absolute heaven – Ice cream is her number 1 favourite food. Even my 7 month old Malia got a little taste!

In between cones of ice cream, the children were in the yard splashing in the wading pool and being hosed down by Andrew, Amy’s husband. Background noise was just flooded with the laughter of the children and smiles were beaming just as much as the sunshine. It was just one of those afternoons where you just feel content with life: amazing vegan friends, amazing vegan food, sunshine and beautiful children with sticky ice cream on their chins and fingers!

I highly recommend this as a summer activity to anyone –

Thanks Amy! 

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  • February 2, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Love the idea of a ice cream pot luck! Haven’t made my own, but I work for NadaMoo! so it’s definitely my go-to treat. I definitely have to remind myself to eat lunch first! :)

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