The Vegan Woman’s Food Blog Guide 2012

Tongue Ticklers
Zion from The Vegan Woman team says: Tongue Ticklers focuses on delicious home-cooked meals by a vegan cook who knows what she likes and wants to share it with the blogosphere. Tongue Ticklers is home to some good-looking photography and an inspiring and beautiful explanation of veganism titled ‘Why Vegan?’, which argues beautifully that veganism is an extension of being human. Topics explored include family life, ethics, Indian cookery, and there is a definite authentic flavour to the blog. It also has a very useful recipe index and site search function.
Richa from Seattle, WA says: Harini’s blog has some authentic South indian foods which are naturally glutenfree and some vegan basics which help reduce dependence on proccessed ingredients.
Erin from The Vegan Woman team says: Back in the day of my vegan infancy I would often do random online recipe searches. Time and again the Vegangela blog would come up, providing me with just the recipe I needed for the occasion. The recipes are extensive and several bright and tantalizing photos of the food accompany each one. I was sold on “the best ever vegan mac and cheese.” And if all this weren’t enough there are some pretty awesome tricks and tips. I particularly like the fun freezer tricks.
Sivan from The Vegan Woman team says: Vegangela by Angela Thompson is by far one of my favourite food blogs as the recipes never fail me and I enjoy the clean style and gorgeous photos that accompany this blog. At the moment the blog is on a “break” as Angela is away, but the recipes are still there and they are fantastic!
Hobby and More
Rhonda from The Vegan Woman says: Hobby and More has a variety of recipes and an Asian Indian influence. It uses whole foods and has fantastic photos and narration. Many of the recipes are gluten free, and recipes are organized by alphabetical order & categories. prolific and passionate!
Harini Prakash says: Hobby and More has innovative recipes and wonderful vegan adaptations.
Vivek Garg says: I would like to recommend Hobby and More for your food blog guide. I find it refreshing and creative.
The Post Punk Kitchen
Erin from The Vegan Woman team says: What really caught my attention with The Post Punk Kitchen is that in the area where you can search for recipes by ingredient, the first ingredient, with the highest numbers of recipes, is chocolate. ‘Tis a blog after my own cocoa loving heart indeed. If chocolate isn’t your thing (as if), you can conveniently search for recipes with any ingredient you have.  An added bonus: the descriptions of the recipes are witty enough to hold my attention so that I can read through the whole thing and thus learn a little something.
Jacqui Barnett says: I LOVE anything by the Post Punk Kitchen! Have most of Isa’s Books, her recipes are awesome! They always turn out perfect and love their “sisterly”, informal and very cool attitude. The best vegan cakes ever!!!!
Meet the Shannons
Zion from The Vegan Woman team says: Meet the Shannons is an eclectic, funny, and slightly nerdy celebration of real vegan food and the fun side of the vegan lifestyle. The recipes are innovate and the photography is adorable. The Shannons are just so cute! They are a couple with a lot to share with the world, and they don’t hold back. You’ll find a bit of everything on this celebratory blog, including plenty of that wholesome ‘feel-good vegan’ vibe and way to veganize almost anything!
Silvana O’Brien from IL says: Meet the Shannons has awesome recipes for comfort food!
Cucina Libera
Rhonda from The Vegan Woman says:

The recipes in Cucina Libera identify major allergens, making it easy for those who have restrictions on their vegan diet. Additionally, unrefined sugar is not used – this makes it a jewel for that reason alone. It’s easy to sort through and skim the  recipes, and there is an Italian flavor to this blog that adds to its appeal! Also features some raw recipes.
Allyson Fera Santucci says: My favorite vegan – just food – blog is: Cucina Libera. This is an incredible blog that is both entertaining  (it is very much appreciated to read something that is well written, clever AND informative) as well as FULL of wonderful recipes that are not only vegan but also gluten free and refined sugar free (hence the name Cucina Libera.. which means in Italian either free kitchen or cooking – or cook free as in free of ingredients one may not want in their diet –  depending on how you look at it, either way it’s great!). What’s more the recipes are easy to reproduce and they taste great!  I am a chef and a recent vegan (was vegetarian before) and giving up cheese etc. has been really hard for me.  This food blog makes it a lot easier to find and make great dishes and desserts that everyone will like. It shows the best of vegan cuisine and that it is easier and tastier than many think to eat vegan.
For example, the recent recipe on French Onion Soup – Daiya Mozzarella and Onions were born to go together..  it Italian we say “si sposano”: they ‘marry’… More people should really know about this blog! 
Dylan Ryan from Los Angeles, CA says: My favorite food blog is Cucina Libera because:
  • The recipes are super easy to follow and they make sense from start to finish.
  • The pictures are totally helpful in giving me some idea of what I’m aiming for at the end.  Sometimes, you don’t exactly know and you end up way off target.  These are very helpful.
  • I always learn about some new products on the market. Cucina Libera seems is extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients other Vegan products that I’m always looking to explore.
  • I go to this site almost every day and Cucina Libera is always exploring some creative, and most important,  delicious concoction. This stuff needs to be on the vegan radar.
Veg Kitchen with Nava Atlas
Rhonda from The Vegan Woman team says: Veg Kitchen offers much more than just food/recipes. It features multiple contributors which adds to the variety, (though making it slightly less personal), and a helpful rating system for recipes. 
Temujin Scott from Katy, TX says: My favorite vegan blog would have to be Veg Kitchen. The author makes the recipes so easy and delicious.  she gives great themes to her “one pot meals” or “party delights”.  I have printed out over 30 recipes already for my “to do list” for this month to try. 
Vegan Dad
Zion from The Vegan Woman team says: Vegan Dad is a straight-talking exploration of vegan cooking, using embedded videos to aid the budding chef where necessary. The recipes are practical and hearty, and the photography is colourful and inspirational. Vegan Dad seems to have a fuss-free recipe for every type of dish!
Holy Cow
Rhonda from The Vegan Woman team says: Holy Cow features fantastic Indian oriented recipes, and reviews of regional restaurants. It also has a master shopping list and a helpful recipes by category feature.
Richa from Seattle, WA says: Vaishali’s blog is just such a delight with a huge collection of different cuisines. I also love her stories and opinions about some important topics. 
Harini Prakash says: Great writing and a treasure trove of recipes that are easy to make after a working day.
V. K. Rees
Emily from The Vegan Woman team says: V. K. Rees offers gallery quality photography and delicious recipes.
Roy Rogers says: I would like to nominate the food and photo blog of Vanessa Rees. V’s blog is simply fantastic with gorgeous food photography, tasty vegan recipes and each entry has an great photo of an extremely cute cat. Vanessa is a committed vegan food photographer who deserves the support of the vegan community for trying to focus her career and professional life as (primarily) photographing vegan food*. 
*The Vegan Woman Team agrees… 
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