The Vegan Woman’s Food Blog Guide 2012

Throughout this project we have received over 90 recommendations of over 40 food blogs.
We have listed the ones that received the majority of the votes from both our team and the judges. However, some, like Cashew Catering and Peas and Thank You, were absolutely fantastic and received great recommendations, but did not make it to the list because they were not strictly vegan. Some recommendations were not even vegetarian (what are people thinking?!) and others were really close and almost made it to our top 20 list.
Here are the recommendations that won a cookbook from our judges, followed by a quick shout out to a few more wonderful vegan blogs that were recommended in this project. 
The Winners
Each of the following lucky winners will receive one of the following best-selling cookbooks from either Happy Herbivore or Vegan Fusion:
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And the winners are:
Laura Perez (who recommended Chocolate Covered Katie, Healthy Happy Life, and Vegan Yack Attack)
Dominika Palmaka (who recommended Oh She Glows)
Keren Mosessco (who recommended Vegan Crunk)
Tanya Seibold (who recommended Happy Herbivore)
Other Blogs
Happy Herbivore
The only reason Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon is not in our top 3 is the simple fact that Lindsay together with Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion, have kindly agreed to be on our panel of judges and therefore could not take up an active place in the guide. Despite this fact, Lindsay’s loving community members have repeatedly nominated her for the guide.
For the Happy Herbivore recommendations – click here.
Radiant Health Inner Wealth
Janet Malowany from Toronto, Canada:
Radiant Health Inner Wealth might seem a bit polished, but that’s because Tess is sharing the recipes from her cookbooks. Trust me, her recipes are stellar. Her cookbooks revolutionized my kitchen and turned me into a vegan. 

Of the Kitten kind

Nina Herbert from Canberra, Australia:
My favourite vegan food blog is Of the Kitten Kind. The site is run by Sally Kitten, a registered nurse, photographer and vegan blogger/recipe maker extraordinaire! I love her blog because firstly she’s Australian and it lovely to have recipes suggested for produce actually in season.  I often harvest vegies from my garden only to discover Sally’s just posted a recipe (that same day) requiring those exact ingredients! I love that she uses real, readily available ingredients.  Plus she is always happy to suggest alternatives when a certain item (think nuts) cannot be used. Of the Kitten Kind is my ‘Go To’ vegan food blog. 

Vegan Crunk

Keren Mosessco Kariel from Tel Aviv, Israel:
I’d like to vouch for Vegan CrunkBianca’s attitude and love of quick, rich, southern-inspired food (and soft spot for anything junk), caught my attention. Her reports from omnivore restaurants and dinner parties, where she finds and devours vegan goodness, realistic food photography and positive attitude got the blog a room in my Google Reader.
When I do visit the blog itself (for a rare comment or to look at her blogroll), I am always amused and encouraged by Bianca posing with that donut. Hell, few women, even food bloggers, would have their pictures eating something – I like her even more for that. Bianca is one of those that make not eating animals such a fun, limitless ride.

And last but not least a quick shout out to some more blogs that have been recommended and we want to spread their love… An Unrefined Vegan, Full Flavoured Life, Feast Your Eyes on My Veg, Vegan Cuisine, and Triumph of the Lentil – well done everybody! 


Thanks so much to all of you amazing people sharing the vegan love!




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