Vegan Party Food – the Safe Choices

So you are throwing a party but just can’t decide what party foods to serve…

Are you going to go for the unique healthy and never seen before collection of wheat-grass juices dressed as cocktails followed by vegan cashew cheese and wholemeal-line seed crackers? If your crowd is anything like mine – that just won’t fly!

My crowd respects the fact I’m vegan – they even support me, but as I’ve noticed, most of my friends and family members are impressed the most when they come to one of my parties or dinners, enjoy the food, have a great night – and when reminded that everything they just had was vegan, say “oh yea – I didn’t even notice…”.

And why should they notice any difference? There are so many foods out there that people are accustomed to and love, that are naturally vegan, that there is no need to disguise your eggplant and garlic paste as “Pâté”, or your new homemade cashew roll as “cheese”.

Here are some ideas for party foods that are vegan, common, and that people will find easy to “digest”. 

Vegan Spring Rolls and Wontons

Warm comfort foods

This is my favorite when throwing a party, as this might take the most effort on your part juggling trays in and out of the oven, but it will also probably be the most successful as you will find people will pounce over each new tray that comes out all warm and comforty straight out of the oven.

Great vegan choices for these are:

Onion Rings

The ones you buy or the ones you make at home (if they are store bought make sure you read the ingredient list to make sure no eggs or dairy were added)

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Potato Wedges

Again, if bought make sure a layer of butter or cheese wasn’t added or just make your own version of plain potato wedges or the spicy variation which can work pretty well too.

Vegetable Wontons 
This oriental snack is a lovely party food as well. Pleasing to the eye and filled with vegetable goodness. I love the Indian variation filled with Turmeric spiced veg.

Vegan Onion Rings

Indian Samosa 
This is probably one of the most varied and successful warm snacks you can buy as they come with different stuffing, different intensities of spiciness, and different shapes and sizes. Scan the frozen department of your local supermarket for the different vegan variations of this lovely treat.

Spring Rolls 
These little goodies stuffed with veg and sprouts are known for their egg variation but there are many vegan variations of them too. Again, make the ingredient list your friend; hopefully your local shop also carries the vegan ones.

What do vegans eat for breakfast?

How can you have a party without chopped veg and chopped breads?

Breads and Dips Platter

These can be prepared in advanced and set aside. Try buying interesting bread assortments and a variety of veg for a nice visual presentations with the added bonus of textures and flavours that are different and complimenting.

Bread ideas: sun-dried tomato bread, pita bread, paninis, wholemeal walnut bread, baguettes, crackers, seven grains bread, home made garlic bread – the list can go on and on…

Vegetable ideas: cucumbers, celery sticks and carrots are the classic. But a plate of green, yellow and red peppers cut into long stripes could work just as well. Cherry tomatoes are also a treat (if they are big, chop them in half to prevent splashing incidences).

Olives are always a great addition. Green and black olives can really add flavoured juiciness to the mix. You can also try a small bowl of juicy sun-dried tomatoes as a less ordinary addition, or a bowl of roasted peppers in garlic and olive oil – which is a fantastic choice as well.

Vegan Guacamole


Dips can be the break or make of this all affair.

Sweet chili sauce, ketchup, salsatufonaise and mustard – will go great with your warm foods.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar, olive paste, humusguacamole, black bean dip, and pesto – will go great with your breads.

Roasted eggplant and tahini dip (“Babaganoush), humus dips (there are many kinds), and homemade mushroom dip – will go great with your veg.

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Mixed nuts platter

On the side

In addition to all of that you can always add the usual snacks such as crisps (the regular potato ones or the exciting sweet potato and beetroot ones; or even kale crisps could work and might even serve as an interesting point for conversation), pretzels, nuts, peanuts and even some Bombay type mix (Chiwda) – will add to your presentation. Again just remember to browse the packets they came in for hidden- or not so hidden animal ingredients.

Hope this gave you an idea or two for your next party. Next time we’ll cover the wheat-grass cocktails and cashew cheese… Till then, have a great party!


Sivan Pardo Renwick

Founder, Director and Chief Editor of The Vegan Woman

Sivan is the founder, director, and chief editor of The Vegan Woman. As a vegan lifestyle expert and public speaker, Sivan leads interactive workshops and online communities that help men and women make the transition into veganism and plant-based diets an enjoyable and uplifting journey.

Sivan is also a writer and contributor on various vegan-living topics, and has been featured on CNN’s Eatocracy, Vegan Weddings HQ, Vegan Views, Vegan Lifestyle magazine, and other national and international platforms.

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