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I often wondered of that “calling” people talk about; that feeling you have when you are doing the right thing, or working towards a genuinely positive goal.

I often wondered what it was for me – but it was only when I met my loving partner, and turned from an 18-years vegetarian to a proud and passionate vegan – that I discovered what that “thing” was.

Connecting with other vegans

Via The Vegan Woman I have managed, and am still managing, to connect with others across the world: beautiful, compassionate and loving people who realise how wrong we have done the living beings on this earth, and how right we are obligated to do by them. Generous people who commit their time, energy and efforts to help those which voices are not heard, and who help other humans by exposing them to the beautiful, compassionate, healthy, ethical and just lifestyle of veganism.

The Vegan Woman
The Vegan Woman website: a positive vegan lifestyle platform

My work towards establishing this website was one that thaught me to re-gain trust in the human inhabitants of this planet. As The Vegan Woman journey started from a Facebook page, I found myself, everyday, looking at the names and faces of these men and women from across the world,  the vast majority of them vegan, who were joining my page. Each day more and more people, making lovely comments, sharing the same emotions felt by myself and others, advocating for the same justful cause. Everyday, more and more people saying this situation isn’t right – we must examine our ways, we must make the necessary changes. Each day,more and more people opening windows to innovative, creative, and sometimes just simple and straightforward ways of living a cruelty free life, a life that is focused not on the momentarily pleasure that our taste buds have grown accustomed to, but a life focused on being humane, being thoughtful, being aware and being compassionate towards ourselves and towards all other living beings.

Future plans

At the moment this website is still work in progress. Soon enough you will be able to find here, in additional to the personal columns and articles, information about events and social gatherings in your area, reviews of the hottest vegan restaurants and venues, interviews with leading vegans, recipes, commentaries, and much much more.

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I want to thank our gorgeous team for jumping on board for this beautiful ride. We are still in the process of assembling our team so I would also like to thank all those who applied and are still applying for positions with us. I promise to do my best to keep building this team to be  the best team possible to offer you support on your vegan journey and share with you the most fun, informative and positive elements we can find to enhance your vegan lifestyle choice, and help you help them.

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Sivan Pardo Renwick

Founder, Director and Chief Editor of The Vegan Woman

Sivan is the founder, director, and chief editor of The Vegan Woman. As a vegan lifestyle expert and public speaker, Sivan leads interactive workshops and online communities that help men and women make the transition into veganism and plant-based diets an enjoyable and uplifting journey.

Sivan is also a writer and contributor on various vegan-living topics, and has been featured on CNN’s Eatocracy, Vegan Weddings HQ, Vegan Views, Vegan Lifestyle magazine, and other national and international platforms.

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