What Should We Call Veganism: A Vegan Life in GIFs, Part 2

Hi there, awesome vegan ladies (and gentlemen)! I was so happy to see that you all liked our previous installment of A Vegan Life in GIFs. Since you enjoyed reading it, and I certainly enjoyed writing it, I thought it’s time for a second round!

As mentioned in our previous GIF party post, being vegan, we all keep getting ourselves into the same situations over and over again. So instead of taking it all too seriously, and in light of the recent trend of turning every situation into an excuse for a GIF party, here is our second GIF party, which I hope you enjoy:

1. When my boyfriend says he can’t go completely vegan because he won’t get enough protein

Moonrise Kingdom, Focus Features

 2. When I found out Oreos are vegan

Arrested Development, 20th Century Fox Television

3. ….and then found out some alcohol technically isn’t

84th Academy Awards, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

4. When I tell someone I’m vegan and they say ‘more for me!’

Game of Thrones, HBO

 5. When I go to a vegan restaurant

Cinderella, Walt Disney Productions

 6. When people tell me vegans have nothing to eat but lettuce

Forrest Gump, Paramount Pictures

 7. When the lady at the drugstore tries to fool me into buying non-vegan makeup

 8. When someone tells me eating vegetables is murder, too.

9. When I accidentally get into a facebook argument about veganism

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Dreamworks Pictures

 10. When I think about how great I feel since going vegan

30 Rock, Universal Television

That’s it for this time, folks! Hope you enjoyed our second installment. Though these included some situations which we all might find a bit frustrating, there’s no reason to try and look on the bright side and always keep your sense of humor, dontcha think?

What have your vegan experiences been like? Share your gifs in the comments section below, and we might include them in our third round!

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