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Emily is a board certified holistic health coach and the founder and owner of Triumph Wellness, an International Nutrition Counseling Practice.
Emily specializes in Plant-Based Nutrition, Sugar Addiction, Emotional Eating and Sports Nutrition.

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Plant-Powered: Vegan Women’s Bodybuilding

Ten years ago, the term “Vegan Bodybuilder” was little more than an oxymoron. But as more athletes of all kinds turn to veganism for ethical reasons and/or for performance improvement, vegan bodybuilding is becoming ever more popular with many books, websites and podcasts now available and finally, last year, the...
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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Neal Barnard, Founder & President of PCRM

Dr. Neal Barnard is one of the most influential leaders of a new medical paradigm that seeks to integrate preventative health care and plant-based nutrition into our lives; as well as tackle the root of illness rather than managing its symptoms.  Alongside pioneering MDs such as Dr. Michael Klapper, Dr....
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How to Help Others Go Vegan by Meeting Them Where They Are

Your mother has dangerously high cholesterol but still eats meat and eggs every day? Your overweight husband has already had triple-bypass surgery and decides a low-carb diet is just the thing to save him? Your co-worker, the dog lover and shelter volunteer, doesn’t make the connection between the animals she...
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