10 Loved Vegan Celebrities, of the Manly Kind

Celebrities. Some of us hate them, some of us love them. What’s certain is that if you happen to be part of the Western culture, you sure can’t help avoid them.

Not only are they a major part of the entertainment industry, but they are also often used to sell us products through advertisements and campaigns. Their values, and what they are made to represent, often become ours as well.

Now, that sounds a bit pessimistic, doesn’t it? A bunch of celebrities having the power to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t really need and don’t really believe in? Yeah.

Fortunately, there is a nicer way to look at this. Some celebrities are actually pretty cool people who uphold great values and want to inspire their fans to adopt those values as well. This is where vegan celebrities come in! Vegan celebrities are such a great inspiration for fans that look up to them. Many actually use their celebrity status to promote a vegan lifestyle, and speak up for those who can’t.

I have to admit I am quite the celebrity-geek. I spend what must be an embarrassing amount of my free time lurking on entertainment blogs and message boards. So, when I got the chance to write this article I was super-excited to combine my passions of celebrity culture and veganism into one. What’s even more exciting is that I found quite a long list of celebrities who are vegan! Now, this was also a problem, because it meant I had to choose only a small number of those people to be featured in the article. But hey, you can’t win ’em all, right?

This article will be focusing on 10 wonderful vegan male celebrities. You might have come across them before, or you may be pleasantly surprised like I was. I picked my personal favorites, and you are welcome to share in the comments who you’d pick as well! Now, let’s get this party started:

1. Thom Yorke

You might recognize this incredibly talented musician as the frontman of one of the most influential bands of all time… Radiohead. Thom is a known spokesman against meat consumption and the non-vegan fashion industry. Thom has said that what got him into veganism in the first place was the song Meat is Murder by The Smiths, whose former lyricist and vocalist Morrissey is also quite an outspoken vegetarian. Thom discovered that after going vegan, he started feeling so much healthier, and never looked back since.

Thom Yorke - vegan
Lead singer of Radio Head, Thom Yorke is a known spokesman against meat consumption and the non-vegan fashion industry. Photo copyright: ROY J BARON/ Shutterstock.com

2. Andre 3000

Ok, seriously. Who is cooler than Andre 3000? This American musician, best known for being a part of the hip-hop duo OutKast, gave us some amazing music over the past two decades, including my personal favorite songs Ms. Jackson and Roses. He was also voted by PETA to be the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2004.

Andre has been vegan since 1996, and though unfortunately his clothing line is not vegan yet, he says he is deeply committed to a cruelty-free diet and we hope that soon he’ll be making the same choice for his fashion career as well.

Andre 3000 - vegan
Here’s to hoping his clothing line follows his dietary line: Andrea 3000. Photo copyright: BMCL/ Shutterstock.com

3. Woody Harrelson

You might recognize Woody from the classic television show Cheers, or from his appearances in various films such as the acclaimed No Country for Old Men or even the latest teen franchise The Hunger Games. Ok, ok, some of you probably knew that he is also vegan. After all, as recently as June 2012, he was voted by PETA as Sexiest Vegetarian, along with the stunning Jessica Chastain.

But not only is Woody vegan, he is actually a raw foodist and a devoted environmentalist! For that, I personally applaud him. Woody claims to have started his vegan diet due to health reasons, 25 years ago, and that becoming vegan turned his life around. I’m sure many of us will be able to identify with that. 

Woody Harrelson - vegan
Woody Harrelson is not only vegan, but also a raw foodist! Photo copyright: Featureflash/ shutterstock.com

4. Jared Leto

Ok, this is going to sound scary but this beautiful musician-turned-actor is over 40 years old! You know, a part of me suspects that Jared Leto is actually a real-life Dorian Gray because he literally does not look a day over 25, but then I remind myself that the guy’s vegan and it all makes sense again.

Doesn’t looking at him just want to make you dig into that bowl of fresh fruit and veggies? At the last SXSW festival, a fan asked to take a photo with Jared in front of a barbecue truck. Though Leto happily agreed to take the picture, he actually opted for a new background in order to not offend his vegan fans. Now that’s commitment!

Jared Leto - vegan
Can you believe he is over 40? Vegan actor and musician, Jared Leto. Photo copyright: Featureflash/ Shutterstock.com

5. Jason Mraz

This Grammy award-winning crooner has got to be my personal favorite celeb on the list. He is after all responsible for giving us some amazing tunes over the past couple of years, including the oh-so-difficult-to-ignore hit I’m Yours. Doesn’t the fact that he’s also vegan instantly make him just so much more attractive?

Apparently, Jason has cited his vegan diet as the reason he feels healthier, stronger, more productive and… wait for it… even better in bed. Whoof, things sure are starting to get steamier! Oh yeah, and he also lives on his own avocado farm. 

Jason Mraz - vegan
Jason Mraz has cited his vegan diet as the reason he feels healthier, stronger, more productive and… wait for it… even better in bed. Photo copyright: Helga Esteb/ Shutterstock.com

6. Russell Brand

You name it, he does it. This English funny guy is an actor, television presenter, musician, and author. And hilarious. And vegan.

Brand has been a vegetarian since the age of 14, and in October 2011 declared over Twitter that he’s going entirely vegan, after watching the highly-acclaimed documentary “Forks over Knives”. He even tried converting his no-less famous ex-wife pop superstar, Katy Perry, to veganism. That attempt, however, did not go well. In March 2012, Katy even sent Russell a picture of a half-eaten Big Mac just to irritate him. Brand on the other hand was quoted saying: I don’t see why someone should lose their life so I can have a snack.” So true!  

Russell Brand - vegan
“I don’t see why someone should lose their life so I can have a snack” – Russell Brand, actor, television presenter, musician, author – hilarious. And vegan. Photo copyright: Dooley Productions/ Shutterstock.com

7. James Cromwell

He may have played a crazy, sadistic, misogynistic ex-Nazi doctor on the deliciously creepy and disturbing hit-show American Horror Story, but in real life James Cromwell could not be farther from all that. Cromwell became a vegan in 1995, while making one of the movies I basically grew up with as a kid, Babe. Since then, he’s been a major advocate for animal rights, speaking up against animal cruelty, especially in treatment of pigs. Only recently you could catch him in a brand new PETA PSA, urging people to report animal abuse. In fact, James Cromwell’s PSA is possibly the most sensible campaign to come out of PETA in quite a while. Good for him!

James Cromwell -vegan
James Cromwell became a vegan in 1995, during the making of the movie Babe. Since then, he’s been a major advocate for animal rights. Photo copyright: DFree/ Shutterstock.com

8. Dax Shepard

This funnyman is probably the most recently turned vegan man on our list. The Parenthood star and his beautiful fiancée Kristen Bell (none other than Veronica Mars!) have adopted a vegan diet back in January of 2012, after having watched Forks over Knives.

While the couple admits that they’ve decided to go vegan mostly for health reasons and less for the ethical aspect, I think that as long as they’re doing good and sticking to it, only good things can follow! Dax, of course, has already commented on how much better he’s been feeling since he’d made this change of lifestyle. Less allergies, more energy, better skin and better sleep! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Dax Shepard - vegan
Dax Shepard and his beautiful fiancée Kristen Bell have adopted a vegan diet in January of 2012, after having watched Forks over Knives. Photo copyright: Helga Esteb/ Shutterstock.com

9. Anthony Kiedis

In case anyone missed the news: VEGANS CAN ROCK! The lead singer of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers sure proves that. Kiedis, who’s been a vegetarian since the eighties, became a fulltime vegan in 2008, after his son was born. Back then, he hired a personal vegan chef to make delicious vegan meals for him around the clock. Is anyone but me super-jealous right now? My own personal vegan chef, sounds like paradise! To this day, both Kiedis and his son are still vegan.

Anthony Kiedis -vegan
VEGANS CAN ROCK! The lead singer of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis. Photo copyright: s_bukley/ Shutterstock.com

10. Joaquin Phoenix

Sealing off our list of vegan celebrity men is none other than the A-list actor Joaquin Phoneix, star of the recent award-winning film The Master, and a true vegan inspiration. He is the narrator of Earthlings, the chilling 2005 documentary on the various forms of animal exploitation by human kind. Most of his family members are also vegan. He has been vegan since he was only three years old, after going on an especially traumatic fishing trip. Phoenix states that animal rights is a part of his everyday life, and finds it extremely important to set an example for the people around him. That’s my kind of man!

Joaquin Phoenix - vegan
Joaquin Phoenix, the narrator of Earthlings and a dedicated vegan inspiration. Photo copyright: Helga Esteb/ Shutterstock.com

Now that we’ve gone through this list, you might ask, “What about the ladies? Am I not on The Vegan WOMAN?” Why, yes you are! Stay tuned, as next time I will be delving into what appears to be a much longer list of vegan celebrity women. You won’t believe what beautiful and compassionate women I’ve found!

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