A Vegan Tune: 5 Vegan Songs that Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Anyone who spends even a minimal amount of time on the internet for entertainment purposes cannot possibly miss the abundance of memes and viral videos that have been popping up online over the past few years.

From Tard, the Grumpy Cat meme, through numerous people trying and failing to perform the cinnamon challenge, to Psy’s Gangnam Style becoming the most watched YouTube video OF ALL TIME, we can definitely say – there’s a lot to watch on the internet these days.

But, wait! Where do vegans come in? Do we not also deserve to have some cool, funny videos in our name? Look no further. Though you could practically drown in the endless well of YouTube videos (some really great and some … not so great), I have gathered my top five vegan videos that will put a smile on your face!

Without further ado, let’s start the countdown:

5. So what is being Vegan all about?

Vegan Smythe will let you know in this Groovy Vegan Song:












4. Why-oh-why

The following video at number 4 raises some very important questions about the role of humans and animals on this plant, while playing some pretty cool music, too! Why, indeed, must we eat the animals? This song sure makes it a point of letting everyone know that there’s really no need to.















3. Go Vegan!

At number 3, this nice couple brings you a lovely, inspiring song about all the reasons why there’s never been a BETTER time to go Vegan! They sure raise some very good points, don’t you think?












2. Vegan myths debunked

In second place, we have some vegan myths – so many of them, so little time to debunk them. Lucky for you, Jonathan and Ivory made a video to take care of that! Tell me again, where do you get your protein?












1. This is vegan style!

And the winner is … our very own, The Vegan Woman model, Henya Perez (aka. Henya Mania), brings you this amazing spoof of Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style”! My personal opinion? Her version is just SO much better.












These have been my top five vegan songs. How about you guys? Have you watched any nice vegan videos or songs online recently? Please share with us in the comments! While you’re at it, share them with everyone – family, friends, random Facebook acquaintances! Remember, learning something new is easiest when you enjoy it…

Natalia Irmin

Content Manager, Writer & Reviewer

Hi! My name is Natalia. I’m currently residing in Israel and studying towards a BA in Psychology and Environmental Studies. I became vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals. I found that educating myself via books and movies, and surrounding myself with people who support the vegan lifestyle made a big difference in my life. Throughout this process I learnt so many new things, and have come to consider what I can do for the planet and how I can be more compassionate to its creatures.

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