Chris Grezo

I became interested in animal rights while studying philosophy and ethics at university. In that academic, neutral environment I came to understand that moral principles that most people would agree with logically entail that the unnecessary killing of animals is wrong. Not to mention that the suffering caused by factory farms is wrong. 

I am very much against New Age Philosophy, and I feel Veganism’s association with that world view damages the intellectual credentials of the animal rights movements, making it harder for the movement to be accepted by the mainstream. I’ve no time for crystal healing, auras, dream catchers, feng shui, or 90% of alternative medicine. I like my empirical beliefs to be backed up by double blind, peer reviewed evidence. On this theme, my commitment to animal rights stems not from cute cuddly images of bunnies and lambs, but from my wish not to be a moral hypocrite: it seems clear to me that most people’s everyday beliefs imply the Principle that consciousness and the ability to suffer is the most important moral attribute – not species or IQ.

I’ve had a number of jobs over the years – acting, waitering, copywriting, telephone sales, and screenplay writing. I’ve sold one screenplay which, after a certain amount of changes, was released in cinemas. I have another script currently under option.

In my spare time I play rugby and other sports, occasionally practice martial arts, and do a small amount of voluntary work.

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