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I could talk about myself until the cows come home (so no surprise that I’ve ended up as a columnist then!) but I don’t want to tell you everything just yet. After all, I have to save something for my columns! The most important things you need to know about me are: I’m vegan,and I have two beautiful vegan sons; Alex and Finn.
I followed a vegetarian diet for many, many years, abandoned it, returned to it and swiftly realised that if I was serious about respecting animals then following a complete vegan lifestyle was the only viable option. The more I learned about the health benefits of a plant based diet and the downsides of consuming animal products; I decided that my two boys should accompany me on my journey. My husband followed us soon afterwards so we live in an entirely vegan household now.
We have had some interesting reactions – some incredibly positive, some less so, but the most important thing to me is that my children are thriving and happy and so far so good. In fact I occasionally find myself wishing that they had a little less energy!
I’m lucky enough to work from home as a freelance copywriter and blogger and I love being able to spend so much time with my boys and our house bunny Sid. We live in Glasgow, Scotland which is actually a fantastic location for vegans. There is a lively vegan social scene and the city boasts a number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and bars.
 When I’m not writing about veganism or playing with the kids, I love to spend my time reading, eating cake and dancing with more enthusiasm than talent.

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