Emily Segal

My name is Emily Segal and I live in Kfar Saba, Israel. I moved here from New York several years ago with my husband, our two sons, and our Labrador Retriever. I decided to become vegetarian in my teens because I loved animals and didn’t want to eat them.  My mom laughed because at the time, the only vegetables I would eat were tomatoes, potatoes and corn!  Thankfully, I learned to like more vegetables over time. I continued to eat eggs and dairy until 2009 when I finally felt ready to let those go as well.  

After years wasted on dieting and binging and the yo-yoing weight that went with it, I was finally motivated to learn how to deal with my sugar addiction and emotional eating problems. Then, after losing 70 lbs and reversing a diabetes diagnosis, I went back to school to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated as a Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach.  Now I own an International Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling Practice where I help individuals and families all over the world learn to eat better, overcome their food addictions and negative habits, and enjoy their lives to the fullest. 

Since losing my weight I have taken up running, competing in 3 Half Marathons and my first Full Marathon in March 2012. Training for endurance events as a vegan gives me tons of energy and a faster recovery time. Now I have taken up weight lifting and am enjoying seeing my physique change and my strength soar. Go Team Vegan!

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Q&A with Emily

What do you do when you are not writing for The Vegan Woman? 

I’m a health coach with an International private practice. I help people all around the world adopt healthier eating and lifestyle practices, end emotional eating, and overcome food addictions. I’m also chief cook and bottle washer for my family of 4. I love working out and being active, but I also love being a total couch potato, reading books, watching movies, and noshing vegan pizza!

What 3 vegan dishes would you take with you to a deserted island?

I hope no one ever does any research showing that nutritional yeast is bad for you, because I don’t think I go a day without eating it! Item number 2 would be the aforementioned vegan pizza, and number 3 would definitely be hummus. Or dates. Or vegan biscuits and gravy. And tofu scramble. I’m going to die on that deserted island, aren’t I?

What advice would you give someone who is interested in going vegan, or is just starting out on their vegan path?

Get some vegan cookbooks and get in the kitchen! You can have all the best motivation in the world to make the switch, but if you hate the food or can’t think of anything to eat, you’re sunk.

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