Jacqui Barnett

I live in the UK and share my life with Carl – a caring and very conscious partner, Bonnie a “teddy bear” of a terrier with attitude and Cassie a charming, cuddly, charismatic spaniel.  Together we make up a very happy, vegan family.

I have been vegetarian since the age of around five years old after finally getting my parents to ‘fess up about where meat comes from. I remember being very curious because I could understand where milk and eggs came out of the animals but there weren’t any more “holes” that meat could be “dispensed” from – and was desperate to know the truth. I was veggie from that point on, until finally realising several years ago (duh!!!) about the cruelty of dairy and egg farming, so veganism became the only way to go for me.

As I child I used to run into our local “burger joint” and shout “murderers” at the unsuspecting patrons; I still campaign enthusiastically for animals, but like to think my powers of persuasion are a little more sophisticated these days. I am truly passionate about helping all beings enjoy a better life by focusing on benevolent solutions, support, education – and big hugs!  

Alongside writing for Vegan Woman, I teach yoga, a fantastic method of helping practitioners to become more compassionate and conscious in every way – good for all the beings we share this amazing planet with. I also practice Vipassana meditation, attending ten day silent retreats annually and maintaining daily practice, which continues to be very beneficial in all kinds of ways.

For fun I like spending time with Carl, Bonnie, Cassie, helping out at my local animal shelter, supporting vegan eateries with lovely vegan buddies and secretly watching corny sci-fi.

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