Great Joys Await on the 2015 Vegan Cruise!

This past March I had the tremendous pleasure of being a guest on the 2014 Vegan Cruise of Holistic Holiday at Sea. If you have been following our posts and reviews of the cruise, you know what an absolute pleasure it was and how much we are looking forward to the 2015 vegan cruise. 

The Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise has been running for 12 years now, and I don’t know how they do it, but the organizers manage to bring together under the one roof (or should I say on the one deck) the leading speakers in veganism, health, nutrition and medicine – each year.

From the most groundbreaking and leading MDs to the top chefs, athletes and mind-body guides who provide vacationers with exceptional lectures, workshops and interactive classes. The 2015 holiday will be no exception, with a line-up that will excite anyone interested in taking steps into the vegan lifestyle, or who is already vegan and wishes to enjoy some of the leading speakers of the movement and a pampering vegan holiday.

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The 2015 Vegan Cruise line-up

So yes, I am personally very excited as The Vegan Woman will take an integral part of the line-up of the 2015 Vegan Cruise! With two lectures scheduled as part of the program, you can see why I’d be excited, but what makes it all even more exciting is the fact that I will be speaking alongside some of my most admirable vegan heroes including:

  • The founder and president of PCRM, Dr. Neal Barnard, whom I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting and interviewing on the 2014 cruise.
  • Compassionate speaker and inspirational vegan advocate, Colleen Patrick Goudreau.
  • The world’s leading physician in the field of reversing heart disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

And many other inspirational figures such as world renowned MD and researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Leading athlete and vegan bodybuilder, Robert Cheeke, internationally recognized speaker and MD., Dr. Michael Greger, and many others. 

Myself and Scott enjoying the sun on the upper deck of the cruise ship. Photo: TVW.
Myself and Scott enjoying the sun on the upper deck of the cruise ship. Photo: TVW.

Where will the cruise sail to?

The cruise ship will leave Miami on March 14th, 2015, and will set sail to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico and the Bahamas! 

Is the cruise 100% vegan?

While there will be other vacationers on the cruise ship who are not part of the vegan program, they will be dining in their own dedicated areas and/or times. The vacationers of the vegan cruise should be able to enjoy their own separate dining spaces where the program’s vegan food (which is 100% plant-based) will be served.

Also, while some of the speakers of the program are advocates of a plant based diet rather than a vegan lifestyle, ethical vegans such as myself will find the majority of the lectures and workshops to be of a vegan nature. 

What else should I look forward to?

Water fun on the vegan cruise ship: it's nice to know that you can enjoy mainstream favorites in a vegan environment
Water fun on the vegan cruise ship: it’s nice to know that you can enjoy mainstream favorites in a vegan environment

In addition to the lectures, workshops and cooking demos, vacationers of the program will be able to enjoy all the entertainment opportunities offered to the general public of the cruise ship, as well as workout sessions, Yoga and Pilates classes, mind and body workshops, meditation, and other fantastic activities like the singles night or the vegan pizza and ice cream parties that we had on the cruise last year.

Come meet The Vegan Woman on-board!

Come meet The Vegan Woman on the vegan cruiseIf you are planning on joining the 2015 vegan cruise of Holistic Holiday at Sea make sure you:

1. Mention The Vegan Woman to the organizers when you book to claim $50 on-board credit (for first time guests only).

2. Come meet me, the founder and director of The Vegan Woman, on one of my two lectures on the cruise:

Lecture 1: Difficulties in Going Vegan and How They Can Be Overcome

And lecture 2: How Can I Spread the Message of Compassion and Good Health?

Looking forward to seeing you on board!

Sivan Pardo Renwick

Founder, Director and Chief Editor of The Vegan Woman

Sivan is the founder, director, and chief editor of The Vegan Woman. As a vegan lifestyle expert and public speaker, Sivan leads interactive workshops and online communities that help men and women make the transition into veganism and plant-based diets an enjoyable and uplifting journey.

Sivan is also a writer and contributor on various vegan-living topics, and has been featured on CNN’s Eatocracy, Vegan Weddings HQ, Vegan Views, Vegan Lifestyle magazine, and other national and international platforms.

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