Shredding It with Robert Cheeke! Review and Interview with a Pioneering Vegan Athlete (Video and Giveaway Included!)

Robert Cheeke, one of the world’s most recognized plant-powered body builders, has been promoting veganism and vegan bodybuilding on national and world stages for years. His influential books, articles and speeches have all complemented his inspirational example of winning two bodybuilding championship titles between 2005 and 2009. 

Although we are now seeing a growing number of athletes who excel on a plant based diet, Robert is a pioneer in vegan bodybuilding, succeeding at a time when veganism was almost unheard of and paving the way for today’s vegan bodybuilders. 

Robert is also the founder of the go-to website Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness which serves as a great resource for both seasoned bodybuilders and anyone looking to improve their fitness. With an active community, the website and its Facebook group are bursting with wonderful tips and inspiration.

We had the delightful opportunity to review Robert’s new book, SHRED IT!, and to interview Robert (advice for us ladies looking to burn fat on a plant-based diet – included!). All this AND our AWSOME GIVEAWAY of Robert’s book, below.

Robert Cheeke at Animal Acres farm sanctuary. Image courtesy of Robert Cheeke.
Robert Cheeke at Animal Acres farm sanctuary. Image:  Whitney Lauritsen. Courtesy of Robert Cheeke.


Let’s Shred It!

Robert’s new book, SHRED IT!, is a well-thought out and comprehensive guide to building the fit body of your dreams while eschewing all animal products and following a plant-passionate diet and lifestyle. 

If you’ve read Robert’s first book, the best-selling Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, you will know just what an inspiration he is for vegans and non-vegans alike. His journey into the bodybuilding world has inspired many individuals in the health and fitness industry, and his passion for doing the least amount of harm while building a fit, strong and healthy body is truly remarkable. 

Robert's second book, Shred It: A step by Step Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle on a Whole-Food Plant Based Diet. Image: book cover.
Robert’s second book, Shred It: A step by Step Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle on a Whole-Food Plant Based Diet. Image: book cover.

In SHRED IT!, Robert discusses important topics such as setting realistic and achievable goals that lead to real results, the most effective ways to get into the fat burning zone in your daily routine, and building muscle on a whole-food, vegan diet. If that isn’t exciting enough, the book also includes health and fitness transformation stories that will help you get motivated to get into shape, and 75 mouth-watering vegan recipes for athletes to cut the overwhelm and get started with a well-planned blueprint. 

The Vegan Woman had the pleasure of sitting down with Robert to discuss his journey into veganism, the differences between his new book and his bestselling debut, and fortunately for us, he also gave us three tips to burning fat as vegan women! I hope you enjoy this informative interview.
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The Vegan Woman Recommendation Label 2015Hopefully you found this conversation enlightening and have been inspired to set some new goals and work toward them while savoring your vegan meals. A big thank you to Robert Cheeke for all the great work he does to promote veganism, and for sharing his time and knowledge with us so that we can all learn how to shred it! 

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Image courtesy of Robert Cheeke
Robert Cheeke and his new book, SHRED IT! Image courtesy of Robert Cheeke



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