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Wife to Terry and mother to Ocean, Natalie is a professional photographer, and a passionate vegan with a love for food. Her vegan food blog, theVlog.me is a new and exciting project with recipes in both Hebrew and English

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Delicious Layered Hummus Recipe

What should you prepare when you have lots of chickpeas? Lots of Hummus! This simple recipe is a twist on the traditional Hummus dish, and is made of  two layers of Humus, and a top layer of chickpea casserole. Serve with some bread on the side and you can enjoy...
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Tasty Vegan Hanukkah Sufganiyot Recipe

Hanukkah is here, and although Sufganiyot (Hanukkah doughnuts) are not exactly the healthiest food out there, I just couldn’t resist this tasty holiday tradition! This recipe for tasty vegan Hanukkah Sufganiyot is very easy and simple to make, using only basic and simple ingredients. I aimed for average size doughnuts,...
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Simple Vegan Chocolate Pie

A chocolate pie filling, with only 2 ingredients – why wouldn’t you want to make it?   I came up with this simple recipe in a very spontaneous and random way and it turned out to be awesome! It all started when I was making sweet cookies with my little...
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Vegan Breakfast Idea: Israeli Shakshuka Made Vegan

Shakshuka is a popular breakfast dish originating from North Africa, which usually involves a lot of eggs, tomato sauce and spices in a hot iron cast skillet and bread on the side. However, since we know the horrific price of using eggs, a delicious vegan Shakshuka recipe is so much more...
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Pull-Apart Chocolaty Vegan Bread Cake

Part cake, part bread, this recipe tastes delicious and is perfect to share with friends and family – just pull apart and enjoy!   I usually prepare this chocolaty bread cake in the early morning so it can be enjoyed at lunchtime or later in the day whilst it is...
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