The First Date: Tips for Dating a Vegan Woman

So you have found a wonderful woman whom you’d like to get to know better. You are making plans for your first date when she says the three words that could send lesser men running: “I am vegan”.

Never fear! Implementing the following tips for dating a vegan woman, which we have put together especially for such occasion, could make your dating experience truly enjoyable. And who knows, maybe you will even get to learn something new in the process.

Tip #1: Choose the restaurant and your meal wisely.

Some people believe that because a woman is vegan she does not like to eat or only eats salad. Or worse, that she does not like food or know what good food tastes like. I for one can vouch about how wrong that is! Not only do I love food, but everyone in my plant posse does as well. I have never eaten so much or tried so many new foods as I did after I became vegan.

Choose the restaurant wisely, or leave the choice in her hands. Image: Shutterstock.
Choose the restaurant wisely, or leave the choice in her hands. Image: Shutterstock.

It is therefore important that you choose your restaurant wisely. If you live in a big city, most restaurants have some sort of veggie options, but your date may not want to spend her first outing with you eating a badly cooked veggie burger at a steakhouse. You could take her to a local vegan restaurant, or if none are available in your area, a vegan-friendly restaurant could work as well. Check out websites like Happy Cow to track down vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, and websites such as for positive reviews. If you are new to the vegan scene and still think that a meal without meat cannot possibly taste good, try Indian, Asian, or Mediterranean food, as these are inherently vegan-friendly. Or you could leave the choice in her hands and let her pick the restaurant.

Besides picking a great restaurant, I would suggest staying away from eating meat for the first meal. This will show respect for her choices, and honestly some vegans despise the smell of meat. We may put up with it and we may even say that it does not bother us, but we are actually counting the minutes until the check comes.

Tip #2: Questions to avoid (even if you really want to know).

Questions to avoid: religion, money, and how do you get your protein? Image: Shutterstock.
Questions to avoid: religion, money, and how do you get your protein? Image: Shutterstock.

There are several questions that vegans hear repeatedly from the moment they first announce they are going vegan. These questions can come from well-intentioned friends or rude strangers, but just trust me when I say there are several Facebook discussions based on how to answer these questions without rolling your eyes because we have been asked these questions AGAIN!!!:

  • Where do you get your protein?
  • Don’t you think animals were put here for us to eat?
  • What would you do if you were stuck on an island with just you and an animal? Would you eat it then?
  • If you don’t eat meat, eggs, and cheese, what’s left for you to eat?

If you really need to know the answers to these questions before your second or third date, you might be better off Googling them and saving the hypotheticals for later. Just as we are taught to stay away from talking about religion, politics, and money on the first date, these questions might come across as argumentative and are the vegan equivalent of those danger zones.

Alternatively, if you are truly interested in her veganism, you might want to focus on questions that are non-confrontational, like “What made you go vegan?” This will not only show your interest in her journey but also give your date a safe zone for sharing something that is meaningful to her. Which leads me to my next tip:

Tip #3: Remember that veganism is a part of who she is, not all of who she is.

Get to know her personality: Do something that isn't food related. Image: Shutterstock.
Get to know her personality: Do something that isn’t food related. Image: Shutterstock.

It’s important that you don’t feel as if the whole date has to be about her veganism. You can do something that isn’t food related. Take her dancing, go to a play, engage in some indoor rock climbing, or visit a museum. Get to know various sides of her personality and allow her to get to know you as well. Just make sure the activity you choose does not involve any animal exploitation (hint: taking her to a circus or a dolphin show – is a big no-no).

Vegans spend a lot of their time being labeled as “the vegan”. It would be a nice break to be seen for the other aspects that make her who she is.

Tip #4: Remember, in the end, dating is about having fun and seeing if you are compatible.

Your date’s veganism shouldn’t be a negative. Veganism is based on compassion for other living being, which is never a bad thing. Take this opportunity to have a new experience and even challenge the way you view certain things. Leave the leather jacket at home and bring your sense of adventure. Smile, have fun. You never know: maybe this vegan could be “the one”!

Have a wonderful date, and remember, you are a very lucky guy/ gal to get to go on a date with someone who is so smart, compassionate, and aware. How do we know she’s all that? Well, simple. After all, she is vegan…

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