The Vegan Woman’s 2013 Vegan Food Blog Guide


Isa Chandra Moskowitz

#6: Post Punk Kitchen by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

What our judges say:

Brian Patton:

As much as I like to root for an underdog, during this contest I discovered that a powerhouse is a powerhouse for a reason. There’s no denying Isa, and her PPK’s success and longevity. Since we’re talking about blogs here, I went straight to her blog section. Right off the bat, the pics are skillfully styled and shot, and the titles of the dishes are attention grabbing.

Chocolate Yogurt Bundt Cake by Post Punk Kitchen

When it comes to introductions, my attention span is very short. If you’re going to have a paragraph (or two) in an intro, your words better make me laugh, think, or add some sort of value to the recipe. Isa’s intros fill at least one of those criteria in every post. The recipe notes are a great touch, and very helpful. And as far as the rest of the site goes, the forum is unmatched, and the “recipe types” and “ingredient” indexes are presented smartly and easy to navigate.

I would tell you that this would be a great template on which to build yourself a successful blog, but you’d be missing one thing: You’re not Isa. Her recipes are inventive and inspiring, and her writing is casual, irreverent, and sharp. The PPK should be any new veg-head’s first stop, and every old veg-head’s regular haunt.

What the recommenders say:

Tempeh Chimichurri by Post Punk Kitchen

Linda Forster from Canada says:

I adore Isa Chandra! I remember when I first came across her blog, as a friend of mine (who is also vegan) suggested Isa for vegan recipes. I searched her name and came across this really funky page. Not only are her recipes amazing, I really enjoy when she tells the story behind her recipes (and they are easy to follow). She had me at her pumpkin muffins. Not to mention the mouth
watering pictures on her page that make me want to lick my screen.




Caitlin McGrother

#7: The Vegan Chickpea by Caitlin McGrother

What our judges say:

Emily Segal:

A gluten-free, vegan blog with a beautiful, bright white background , clean design, easy-to-read dark font, and mouth-watering photos. Recipes are simple but innovative – things my family would actually eat, which is something I really love in a blog!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

Cashew and Blueberry Frosted Cupcakes by The Vegan Chickpea

The Vegan Chickpea is just too cute! The blog’s simple white background is an elegant canvas on which to present outstanding food photography. I love the way Caitlin weaves stories around her recipes, creating a strong connection with her readers and fans.

What the recommenders say:

Martha Hackenberger from the USA says:

I love The Vegan Chickpea for a variety of reasons, here listed but in no particular order:

  • Her pictures are always so well presented, making the foods she prepares look like the visual as well as the delicious masterpieces they are.
  • Ratatouille Stew by The Vegan Chickpea
    Her recipes are full of flavor and include choices for every palate and eating occasion. Each recipe is detailed and easy to understand and follow.
  • I love Vegan Chickpea’s style of writing: warm and humorous, nostalgic and sweet, approachable and real.
  • Vegan Chickpea’s passion for creativity not only benefits her husband, but her readers as well.
  • Her heart, for sharing her love through the food she makes, is evident in her posts and serves as an inspiration to all of us.
Richa Hingle

#8: Vegan Richa by Richa Hingle

What our judges say:

Emily Segal:

Lots of Indian Vegan food on this blog makes me love it! But then there was the whole astoundingly amazing pizza series Richa did for Vegan MoFo which made me fall head over heels!

What the recommenders say:

Jilly Mann from the USA says:

Vegetable Jalfrezi by Vegan Richa

I love Richa’s recipes because they are healthy, filling, easy, and delicious!

She also provides many indian recipes and being married to a man from Punjab, it makes eating our favorite recipes without feeling guilty!

Tripti Rai from India says:

The best part about Richa’s creations is the Indian food. She makes it easier, healthier, vegan versions of the age old food that we know and still keeps some authenticity.
It helps everyone here think beyond Paneer (cottage cheese), Khoya (milk solids) and ghee (clarified butter).

Cinnamon Rolls by Vegan Richa

Bhagli Suren from the USA says:

A deliciously modern take on vegan Indian food. The recipes are clear and well thought out , and she utilizes different vegetables that put a twist on the regular Indian recipe.

Also, the photographs make you want to go out out and cook right away!





Heather Crosby

#9: Yum Universe by Heather Crosby

What out judges say:

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau:

With recipes in no fewer than 35 different categories, Heather from YumUniverse is a rising star on the plant-based, gluten-free stage!

Her site is incredibly rich with recipes and I adore ‘Plant-Based Central’ which really steps the visitor through most everything they’re going to want to know about transitioning to a meat/dairy/cruelty-free lifestyle!

I love you Cookies by Yum Universe

Natalie Houlding:

What I love about Yum Universe is that it has so much content available which includes not only recipes but so many other aspects of living a vegan lifestyle.

The website is very professionally done and very inviting and packed full of features. I even started preparing one of the recipes while reviewing the website and it turned out pretty awesome, I’m now a definite fan of Heather’s!

What the recommenders say:

Fern Langham from the USA says:

Black Bean Soup by Yum Universe

Thanks to YumUniverse, it has been a smooth (and wonderful!) transition and all the recipes, meal plans, guides, and support has been tremendous, I am so thankful to YumUniverse founder Heather Crosby for pouring her heart, soul, and vast knowledge into this community.

She even mentions modifications and adjustments in recipes if you are cooking for a non-vegan family, and helps make the transition to a plant-based diet easier for even the pickiest eaters! Not to mention, the pictures of each step in the recipes are gorgeous…true food porn!




Jackie Sobon

#10: Vegan Yack Attack by Jackie Sobon

What our judges say:

Emily Segal:

From cute little mini pizza cups to enchilada soup laced with tortilla strips, vegan yak attack has the answer for almost any vegan craving.

Head right on over for some vegan comfort food!

What the recommenders say:

Sweet Pumpkin Pizza by Vegan Yack Attack

Christina Gregory from the USA says:

Jackie has so many incredible recipes and tips.

The page is beautiful and I adore all of her pics.

Everything is so easy to make because she gives a step by step guide.

Daleen Wilson from the USA says:

The photographs and recipes are of foods you would and do actually prepare for your family.

Zebra Berry Crepes by Vegan Yack Attack

Every single time I visit the blog, I learn something new and am inspired to try a new or new twist on a dish. Each time you stop by the blog, you get the feeling it is her passion not just a passing fad.

I am proud to share the blog with my family and friends. Yes, proud to share information of such value. Every single time I visit the blog, I somehow feel as if I have been bathed in the Grace of someone who cares about what we are all eating.




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