The Vegan Woman’s 2013 Vegan Food Blog Guide

Miriam Sorrell
#11: Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes by Miriam Sorrell
Editor’s note:
With a versatile rich stock of recipes stretching back to 201o, Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes is a constant voice within the vegan community, offering variations of vegan foods that are truly irresistible.
This blog offers a fantastic balance of sweet and savory dishes, and dishes that appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike.  
What the recommenders say:
Yvonne Harley from Scotland says:
Miriam creates the most delightful vegan dishes and always takes time to respond to comments.
Her recipes are very easy to follow and the images are always inviting – have never been disappointed!
Lemon Poppy Seed Cheesecake by Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Melanie Wilson from Canada says:
Every recipe that I have tried on this blog I have thoroughly enjoyed.
I have also made some of the festive recipes for holiday meals and had rave reviews from vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.
I make it my weekly ritual to go to this blog and find a new recipe to try for this week.
Lyra Alves from Belgium says:
I find the recipes in this blog very “convincing” to those who still like the taste of animal foods. There are plenty of delicious recipes that “veganize” classical dishes that people normally love. In that way it may be pretty useful to anyone in transition to a vegan diet as well as to anyone wanting to “make an impression” on their not-yet-vegan friends.

Tricia Johnson from the USA says:

This was one of the first websites I found when I became a vegan last autumn. The recipes are marvelous, the site is beautiful, and the ease with which you can interact with the blogger, Miriam, is astonishing. This blog has really helped me as I have made the change to veganism.


Adele McConnell
#12: Vegie Head by Adele McConnell
Editor’s note:
Last year’s winner, Adele McConnel, aka. Vegie Head, has worked tirelessly throughout the past year to bring you Vegan Essentials: The Vegie Head eBook! We would like to wish her best of success and we look forward to many more books and recipes from this talented and inspirational blogger.
What the recommenders say:
Courtney Steed from Australia says:

I love this blog because it has such a diverse range of recipes. Something for every occasion, every season and every mood.

The recipes are all so delicious and easy to make (BONUS!). I use recipes from this website several times a week, and the best thing about it, I make all my “non-vegan” friends totally DROOL! It’s food like this that helps show the rest of the world that eating vegan is fun & delicious, and that’s what I really love about it.

Thai Red Curry by Vegie Head

Kelly Chamberlain from Australia says:

I love that Adele is so down to earth, open, honest with a great sense of humor. Her recipes are colorful, delicious and easy for everyone to make. She goes out of her way to communicate and form bonds with all her readers.

Natalie Allwood from the UK says:

I really love stopping by Vegie Head’s page on a daily basis to see what inspiring , tasty and healthy concoctions Adele has come up with… I find her energy very up-lifting and her dishes totally tastebud-tastic!…they always hit the spot for me.

I never feel deprived, or like I’m eating ‘rabbit’ food. Adele has been instrumental in my turning into a full time veggie/ raw foody/ vegan concerned human this year… I gave up meat for good in December and her recipes have helped me to stay on track with my new food status.


Madison Butler and Jerome Partland
#13: Veggieful by Madison Butler and Jerome Partland
Editor’s note:
This is a relatively new blog, but the beautiful design and graphics presented in this website, and the spectacular photos with easy to make recipes which include nutritional info at the end of each recipe post – make this blog a truly promising one.
We look forward to seeing how this blog will grow and develop throughout this coming year, and find out which place this dou will achieve in next year’s guide.

What the recommenders say:
Spicy Pumpkin and Balsamic Pizza Recipe by Veggieful
Belinda Smedley from Australia says:
This blog is my everyday go to site. It is always updated and has the best and easiest recipes and every question I’ve had is answered immediately! The blog itself is really well set out too and very cute!
I recommend it to anyone thinking about going vegan or having a vegan friend over for dinner. The recipes are so good even non vegans love them.
Melanie Baker
#14: The Kind Cook by Melanie Baker
Editor’s note:
We have absolutely been WOWed by the extraordinary amount of warm recommendation this vegan chef received and from which we could only bring you a small sample. Each recommendation was filled with love, admiration, and genuine fondness of Mel and her work.
We would also like to mention that during the course of this competition Mel’s blog has moved to a new platform/ template, which we are sure will help further expose and display her beautiful work.
What the recommenders say:

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Rich Coconut Cream Ganache by The Kind Cook

Candy Timmermans from Australia says:

From the moment I decided to turn vegan The Kind Cook has been my biggest inspiration. Mel, the creator of the blog, shows that you can eat healthy delicious food through a plant based diet. Mel makes it so easy and less complicated to produce flavorsome nutritious meals without using animal products. I also enjoy her handy helpful information she comes across, for example, products that are vegan but not advertised as vegan. Mel deserves to win, she is compassionate and dedicated to sharing with the world you can live cruelty free.

Donna Braunthal from Australia says:

There is such a diversity of recipes on this blog. Mel is obviously very passionate about her cooking, and I love how she also shares her cooking failures with us all, it makes us all feel human. I love that Mel does drink recipes, you don’t often find many of those in recipe books/blogs. I also love that Mels compassion extends to the palm oil and fair trade issues. Its a fantastic blog and I will be a regular visitor. Well done Mel..

Christie Wong from Hong Kong says:

I love this blog because it’s so easy to follow- she makes it really easy even for beginners and it is obvious and evident that she wrote it with passion, each dish tried and tested till fool-proof. Her photographs are beautiful and showcases a whole range of delicious, mouth-watering food. I have also contacted Mel Baker, the author of this blog before as I had some queries about becoming vegan. She is a very lovely lady and extremely helpful. I think she deserves to win this competition as she is someone who has been writing food blogs not for long, but she certainly inspired many to be vegan, including myself.


#15: Keepin’ it Kind by Kristy Turner and Chris Miller
Chauncer Mills from the USA says: It’s real, it’s personal, its relatable and it makes vegan cooking easy!
#16: Allyson Kramer’s Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes (Formerly known as Manifest Vegan)
Wendi Boggs from the USA says: Easy to follow, beautiful photography and charming writing.
#17: Chocolate Covered Katie by Katie Higgins
Hope K. from Ireland says: Everything she makes is vegan – and simple! And so utterly indulgent! When you look at a recipe you want to think ‘Doesn’t that look so delicious?’ and then ‘Such basic ingredients – I have all them! And it only takes 5 minutes??’ so you can make it then. Recipes are lovely, but useless if you can’t make them – and that’s why this blog is brilliant. Her single serving quick-to-make recipes make my day when I come home exhausted, needing a lovely little vegan pick-me-up.
#18: Hell Yeah it’s Vegan by Claryn
Angela Larkin from the USA says: I love the energy and writing style of this blog. The recipes are all ones I’d *want* to make. As a newbie vegan, it goes a long way to have recipes that are very familiar, but with a vegan twist, and I find that Hell Yeah it’s Vegan does that extraordinarily well.
#19: Vegangela by Angela Thompson


Sue Deutsch from the USA says: Angela has really tasty recipes that she has simplified to make quick, easy, and nutritious, and she writes about them in a friendly and humorous style. In addition to her own creations, she takes the really laborious recipes from elsewhere and modifies them to make them simple with easy-to-find ingredients, shows pictures of how it should look in the process and recommends what works best for her. Every one of the dishes I have made from her blog has been a success, and some of them have become the staples of my vegan lifestyle. She is my go-to website.


#20: The Gourmet Vegan by Dan Waters

Ariane Mitchell from Scotland says: The recipes are very clearly presented and easy to use. The photography is mouthwateringly good, the recipes, although they look special are in fact very easy to make and very tasty. Also the author is very approachable and willing to answer questions and give advice even to very new vegans like myself.

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