Vegan Coffee Cubes: Jiva Coffee on the Go

­Like many people, I’m typically not one for instant coffee. So when I received the Jiva coffee cubes in the mail I was admittedly wary. But seeing as these cubes were created consciously with veganism in mind (in addition to being fair-trade, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher) I decided to give them a try. 

Vegan coffee on the go 

Jiva coffee cubes
The Jiva coffee cubes.
Image: courtesy of Jiva coffee.

Although the Jiva vegan coffee cubes can be used everywhere, they are a great solution for people on the go. Their cubic form makes it easier and more convenient to carry around than traditional powdered instant coffee, but still super quick and easy to make – just add hot water, wait and stir. You can, but don’t really have to add in some plant-based milk.

Tasty in flavors 

And the taste? To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.

Although they are sweeter than I normally take my coffee, the taste far surpasses that of the standard instant variety, and even some brewed coffees! Must be the high-grade, free trade Columbian coffee beans, paired with the raw organic cane sugar they use. Whatever it is, these little vegan coffee cubes pack an instant and delicious energetic punch. 

The cubes come in a variety of flavors: classic, strong classic, caramel, hazelnut, french vanilla, mocha, decaf classic, hot chocolate and caramel hot chocolate. 

Energy in a cup 

Vegan Coffee Cubes
Energy in a cup: I found Jiva cubes to be just the solution for my afternoon energy kick: convenient, quick and tasty. Image: courtesy of Jiva coffee.

At the time I received the Jiva coffee cubes I was working as a kindergarten teacher in South Korea. By around two in the afternoon I found that my energy usually started to wane. Anyone who’s been around fifteen five year olds for more than ten minutes knows that energy is of the utmost importance. I found Jiva cubes to be just the solution for my afternoon energy kick: convenient, quick and tasty. They also became a hit with my Korean coworkers, so the taste clearly transcends cultural preferences.

I’ve since found I enjoy these vegan coffee cubes during a quick break between teaching classes, and I’m also looking forward to taking some with me when I go camping this summer.

The bottom line

It appears that Jiva has won me over to instant coffee. If you’re a vegan coffee drinker like me, I’d totally recommend them. You can take them anywhere you go and they taste great with or without non-dairy milk. If you’re newly vegan, transitioning away from cow’s milk, these are a great alternative. Even if you’re not vegan and just enjoy coffee, these cubes are worth a try.

The Vegan Woman Recommendation Label 2014One thing to keep in mind if you are sharing your Jiva coffee, which you should because everyone loves them, is be sure to tell your friends that it is coffee, not candy.  It’s easy to mistake the wrapper for that of a candy, which is exactly what a friend of mine did. Before I could say anything, he had the cube out of the wrapper and in his mouth. The verdict? “Worst candy ever.” Let’s just keep enjoying our Jiva cubes as coffee. Unless it’s April fools day. 

I am happy to award Jiva Coffee Cubes with The Vegan Woman’s recommendation label!

Cover image: courtesy of Jiva coffee.

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