Video This: Your Guide to the Top 5 Vegan Beauty Gurus on YouTube

YouTube is probably one of the best inventions ever! So when I set out to incorporate my vegan ideals into other areas of my life besides food, I went to my favorite source of recommendations, reviews, and tutorials.

As I discussed in my last article, cosmetics are often laced with tons of not only toxic chemicals, but also animal ingredients or by-products. In addition, a lot of the major make up brands test on animals.

Instead of doing all of the hard leg work (contacting companies regarding their ingredients and animal testing policy, or spending tons on products to see which ones worked best), I took the short cut and found YouTube Beauty Gurus who only use vegan cosmetics; here is my guide to the best.

#1 Pirouette Makeup

This is the makeup channel of Pirouette Professional makeup brushes founder, Nika. The first video on this channel was posted two years ago. She focuses on tutorials, hauls and educating her subscribers on cruelty free makeup and other beauty products.

This is a great channel to follow if you want to learn how to apply make up and to learn all sorts of beauty tips. (On a side note her make up brushes are AWESOME! I won a set in a contest that she had over a year ago and I would have gladly paid for them. They feel so soft and even with daily use they still look as new as the first day that I received them).

Check out Nika’s recommendations for her favorite cruelty free beauty products in the video above. 

#2 Annabelle Daily

Annabelle Daily is an all around beauty, fashion, and travel channel. Her first video was posted three years ago, she cuts a lot of the work out for you by giving you her opinion on her current favorite beauty products. The videos are so beautiful to watch and with her accent I always walk away like I just stepped off of a plane from an international trip.

Check out Annabelle’s top vegan moisturizers in the video above.

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#3 Veggie Beauty

Kristy Cutsforth started Veggie Beauty in June of 2010 and is the founder of Pumpkin and Poppy cosmetics.

She started her YouTube channel to educate people on vegan makeup and she does really creative movie inspired tutorials, hauls, and products reviews.

Check out Kristy’s tutorial on winter skin care in the video above.

#4 Cosmetic Couturier

This is Grace Lynch’s makeup channel, Grace is a licensed cosmetologist.

She has been uploading videos for three years and with her knowledge and professional background, she is able to teach you a variety of looks and is very detailed with her tutorials. She has tried a lot of makeup so she is able to bring you in depth reviews of a wide variety of products and companies.

Check out Grace’s on Color Accent Color Play look in the video above.

#5 Vegan Beauty Review

If you are looking for product reviews and DIY beauty then this is the channel for you. Sunny switched to her new channel three months ago, but there are five years worth of posts to explore on her previous one if you are keen.

I love watching her because she has a really funny personality. She is the friend that will always have you laughing at the outrageous things that she says.

Check out Sunny’s video on the many uses of Coconut Oil above.

Unleash your inner make up artist and try it for yourself

There are so many great vegan beauty resources out there that this list could be a lot longer, and it’s great to see that so many of us are merging our makeup and lifestyle choices.

As a self proclaimed vegan fashionista, it makes me happy to know that I do not have to sacrifice my beauty because I am a vegan. I love watching these women to learn about new products and to learn new makeup application tricks.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe and support these great vegan beauty gurus and explore the world of truly beautiful make up. 

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Leolin has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana and is currently a Master's Candidate in Humane Education from Valparaiso University. She is one of the co-founders for the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade, teaches people how to live an authentic life on her personal blog My Life Outside the Box and she also is an independent consultant for the vegan beauty and wellness company, Arbonne. Leolin has been a vegetarian since 2007 and a vegan since 2009 and loves sharing the vegan message with others.