A Year in Articles: the Most Read Articles of The Vegan Woman in 2012

The Vegan Woman’s first year online couldn’t have been more exciting. Our fantastic team of writers has brought so many issues to the forefront, in a true Vegan Woman style.

Now entering our second year, it’s time to take a minute to catch up on our most popular articles so far. Which articles have reached out to the most people, and why? Here are our top articles published by The Vegan Woman in 2012.

Which ones are your favourite?

This was 2012’s most read article, by far. Was it the great reasons, given by our writer Chris Grezo, for our beloved men to go vegan? Was it the images of those handsome vegan men shown in the article? Or was it our burning desire to veganise our partners? We can’t decide – you’ll just have to read it for yourself!

No. Just not that question again. I guess I wasn’t the only grateful vegan that enjoyed this informative article by The Vegan Woman’s columnist and Health Coach, Emily Segal. Emily not only set the record straight, but also gave us a great article to share, instead of having the answer the same question again, and again, and again.

There are times that you simply can’t believe you are hearing the silly excuses people utter trying to explain why they are not willing to give up eating animals and their secretions. But just when you think you heard it all, Clare Crossan has gathered the ten silliest arguments you can think of that people use as excuses. No wonder you loved this one.

Vegan Caramel Irish Coffee Cake Recipe

This article is actually a recipe that our super talented food columnist, Natalie Houlding, has concocted. We have no question as to why this was one of your favourite posts on The Vegan Woman. Looking at the images of this scrumptious vegan cake, we all just want a piece…

Don’t we all know the “so what do you eat” question? Well, enough is enough. Natalie Cunningham set the record straight and opened her home to show the world how diverse, fun, and varied a vegan family’s nutrition can be. Whether you’re new to veganism or have been vegan for years, you’re sure to be inspired.

Making the transition into a vegan lifestyle can be bumpy at times. No wonder then that this easy guide by our writer, Erin Lecky, has been shared and viewed so many times! Filled with great tips and advice on how to veganise your life, this article has become a resource for the newbie vegan. Have you shared it with your friends yet?

Feminism the next step

You can’t consume dairy AND call yourself a feminist – this is the gist of this shocking, and eye-opening piece written by our guest writer, Shy Buba. Shy, who was a victim of sexual abuse, manages to convey the helplessness of a female being turned into a commodity. Deeply moving, this short article needs to be shared with all your friends.

One of the biggest concerns each parent has is whether they are raising their children the best way the can. It is no wonder then that we want to see and hear of other parents out there who have been where we are now and who have raised healthy happy children. Our vegan mum columnist, Natalie Cunningham, brought you the story of Shaun Durrance. Shaun has been vegan since birth, and now has a vegan child of his own. Read his story…

While the amount of vegans in the world is growing by the day, many of us are still finding ourselves in situations where we are the only vegans in our environment and in our families. Many of you found comfort and some good advice in this fantastic article by our writer, Karen Interlandi, on the difficulties of being the only vegan in the family. If this is you, you’ll love her top tips on how to deal with it.

Are we imposing our beliefs on our children?

With all the completely un-deserved criticism vegan parents receive, when it’s really the non-vegan parents out there that should be held to account regarding their choices, there is no wonder that this article was one of the most read articles of the year. Our vegan mum columnist, Clare Crossan, challenges us by asking which values, exactly, are non-vegan parents teaching their children?

Well apparently many of us really enjoy entertaining, and want to make sure our vegan party food will impress. And so this article, written by moi (Sivan Pardo), has been shared, viewed, and read by many of our community members who are looking to show that vegan is normal, fun and tasty – with this guide you can’t go wrong.

Once you take the red pill there is no going back

This “Meatrix” article has captivated us with its precision and accuracy of the current state of things and what the unplugging requires. Using a relevant and fascinating analogy, our writer, Jacqui Barnett, has managed to capture the essence of what most vegans feel once they have “taken the red pill”. Which pill have you taken?

Now here’s a question most of us didn’t even think of when we turned vegan, and yet our writer, Jennie Ruff, has managed to present you with a guide of vegan and non-vegan birth control measures. Who knew…?

What’s wrong with a little dairy

Almost every vegan has heard this question at one point or another, and it seems that people are truly ignorant when it comes to the “behind the scenes” of the production of dairy. This article by Sarah Taylor unveils the screen to expose the sad truth that most people rather turn a blind eye to. Read it and share!

What can we say – raising vegan children is simply better! Clare Crossan gave you three simple yet heartwarming reasons as to why you are making a much better choice than the non-vegan crowd. This is one article you’ll be proud to share with others.

Thanks for being with us and for helping us share our message with thousands of others. From the team at The Vegan Woman, thank you. We look forward to providing you with another great year of articles in 2013!

If are keen for us to write about a topic that interests you, just let us know in the comments. Or, why not write one yourself? Contact us for information on how to submit an article.


Sivan Pardo Renwick

Founder, Director and Chief Editor of The Vegan Woman

Sivan is the founder, director, and chief editor of The Vegan Woman. As a vegan lifestyle expert and public speaker, Sivan leads interactive workshops and online communities that help men and women make the transition into veganism and plant-based diets an enjoyable and uplifting journey.

Sivan is also a writer and contributor on various vegan-living topics, and has been featured on CNN’s Eatocracy, Vegan Weddings HQ, Vegan Views, Vegan Lifestyle magazine, and other national and international platforms.

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