The Health Boost: Green Smoothies and Juices to Start Your Day With

A green smoothie can be one of the best options to start your day with. Filled with energy, calcium and vitamins – how can you go wrong?

Well you can!

Here is a short guide to some do’s and don’ts for healthy green smoothies and juices followed by some recipes that will keep you happy and satisfied while promoting your health…

Do’s and Don’ts

When Purslane Met Kiwi: see full recipe below. Image: TVW.

Don’t: Conventional milk and yogurts. Why start your day by introducing a harmful substance to your body (Lactose) and contribute to the cruel dairy industry when there are so many fantastic options out there that are much healthier?

Do: Plant based yogurts and milks (Soy or rice yogurts, oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, spelt milk, hemp milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc). 
These are all a much better option, and are very tasty as well. Just be ware that the coconut milk, while being probably the tastiest of them all, also has the highest fat percentage.

Don’t: Packed, sugary juices. Fresh juices which you squeezed yourself are always a better option than the packed ones, but if you are using packed  juice, make sure it hasn’t been laden with lots of extra sugars, as you will have enough sweet flavors coming from your fruits as is. 

Do: Freshly squeezed fruit and veg Juices. Try squeezing some fresh oranges and grapefruit into your smoothie, or if you have a juicer, go the extra mile and juice your own carrot, apple or celery juice. If you have some digestion problems try introducing some plum juice in your drink – that could help clear your body pretty fast you’ll find…

Don’t: Sugar and artificial sweeteners. No reason to add any of those to your juice or smoothie. As mentioned before, you will get lots of natural sweetness from your fruits.

Do: Sweet fruits such as bananas, dates and mangos. If you have a sweet tooth, these will all do a great job sweetening your smoothie, and are more of a nutritious choice than the refined and artificial sweeteners. You can’t go wrong with fruits, but you should keep them on a low if you have sugar issues, and especially if you are diabetic (in which case you might want to consult with a nutritionist on the amounts and the types of fruits you should have).  

Grapevine Green Smoothie: see recipe below. Image: TVW.

Some more Do’s:

– Think green: Try to introduce as many greens to your smoothies and juices as possible for that extra benefit of Calcium and Chlorophyll. If you are just starting with the green drinks, try using spinach as much as possible as it is very neutral and you hardly feel it in your drink; then work your way up to a variety of greens.
– Stay fresh: The fresher the better as you want to get those vitamins and anti-oxidants in!
– Spike it: Try to add some extra benefits by introducing anti-oxidants and natural healers such as juiced wheat grass, grated ginger and berries (maybe not all at the same time…)
– Go organic: When possible try choosing the organic option for less chemicals and pesticides.
– Be adventurous: Try new variations! It might not always work but sometimes you will be super surprised by a new mind blowing combination you just made up yourself… 

And finally, here are some recipes and ideas to get you started…

The Vegan Woman’s Green Smoothies and Juices Recipes

sweet mango morning smoothie

the-blueberry-love smoothie







so-simple-oh-sweet smoothiewhen-purslane-met-kiwi smoothie

 heard-it-through-the-grapevine smoothie

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