Hot on the Trail with Notic Nastic: a Vegan Band with a Positive Message

Here at the vegan woman we’re all about promoting all-things-vegan. It brings us great joy to be a platform for sharing the wealth of information on veganism that exists in our yet-to-be-fully-vegan-friendly world. 

We’ve recently gotten word of an all vegan band based in Berlin which has been busy promoting veganism in Germany through various projects and exciting collaborations. Their unique sound comprises of the lead singers alluring voice and soulful pumping electronic melodies. 

Performing for Change 

The band, Notic Nastic, has recently collaborated with the high-end vegan fashion label UMASANperforming live at the label’s fashion show for Berlin’s 2013 fashion week, under the header “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”. 

In addition, Notic Nastic has teamed up with LUSH, a vegan-friendly cosmetics company who fights against animal testing, for an in-store live performance this past April in Berlin. Their intention? To raise awareness about animal testing and the REACH campaign.

Up Close and Personal 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gillion, the lead singer of the band, to discuss their message. Here is what she had to say: 

It’s great to see and all-vegan band. Did your band form around your common values of compassion and sustainability or was that something that evolved after you came together?

Vegan fashion: Notic Nastic at Berlin's 2013 Fashion Week

“We formed because we liked each other and maybe we liked each other because we had similar values. Veganism was something that we got into within a year or two of finding each other. We had all been vegetarian for a time, we like animals and we were always interested in how ‘we’ the people on earth can live with more awareness. We like to learn new things. It all sprung from there”. 

What influence has veganism had on your music? 

“We like the idea that one person can inspire a lot of people to do good things. And veganism is just one of those things. So when we do our music, we are always focused on how we could inspire people through different feelings and ideas through positivity. A lot of our new songs are directly about different issues, including animal rights and sweatshops, but you may not have heard those yet. it’s still on the way”. 

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“When someone says that one person can’t make a difference, I like to think of this story I read in a book once, about a speaker who was at a school and had a tank of fresh water. She told the kids that she had a sample of her own urine and that she would take a dropper and take one drop of pee and put it into the water. After doing that she asked the kids, ‘ok, so who would volunteer to drink a glass of this water?’ obviously no one wanted to! It’s a cool way to illustrate the impact of a drop” 

What are some of the messages you portray through your music?

Notic Nastic lead singer, Gillion. Photo credit: Sebastian Muehling

“The idea of letting go and accepting things comes up a lot. Also the concept of opening your eyes and being aware of the world around you, as opposed to living in content denial. At the end of the day, it isn’t really important what you decide to do and how you decide to live, but if you are aware of the impact of your actions and those around you, then you will inevitably live more consciously and thoughtful. Do not fear knowledge. Never stop learning. Maybe it’s as simple as that”. 

Can you give me some specific examples of ways you engage in and stay connected to living a sustainable lifestyle? 

“We are vegan, we do our best to buy sustainable products, and we don’t drive. We aren’t perfect, everyone has their footprint, but it’s just about giving an effort and doing your best in the circumstance you have”.  

Where do you get your protein? Ha ha, just kidding (I’m vegan, I know all about that question) 

“Inhaling dust mites from the pillow has seemed to do it for me”. 

Any final words you’d like to share with our readers? 

It’s important for us to stay strong, healthy and positive. 

Then we glow and it’s contagious.  

Beautiful! Thank you, Notic Nastic for sharing your message and for all the good vibes you’re putting out there in the world!



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