Kur Delights: Guilt-Free Snacking Without Compromising on Flavour

Once upon a time I had a toddler, Leilani, who would literally eat anything: all types of fruit, vegetables (raw or cooked), salads with exotic dressings, avocado sandwiches, blueberry smoothies, all main dishes from curries to pasta or soup … and her eyes lit up when presented with hummus, pita, olives and falafel. I was living the mother’s dream!

But then she turned three … and everything changed.

I was aware that this was a rarity as I watched my friends wrestling to get so much as one mouthful of pasta into their children’s mouths – only for it to be spat back out at them. I knew I was more than lucky. Perhaps Leilani was a freak of nature, if you will, but somehow I believed it would last forever.

When she turned three, I was forced to join my friends in their frustration: she now practically lives off vegemite sandwiches. I, along with most other parents, am now constantly on a mission to work out ways to sneak in more nutrition to her diet.

She seems to smell “healthy” and run in the other direction.

Luckily, my life is now a little easier in the snack department after trying Kur Delights! I received a little box in the mail from the lovely people at vegancuts.com filled with cute individually wrapped bite-sized treats. There were nine altogether in three flavours – three of each: one for me, one for my husband, and one for Leilani.

Jam packed with fruit and nuts and flavoured with simple spices and essential oils, I have to admit I was sceptical as to whether or not she would take to it. The flavours sounded amazing though: Brownie, Coconut Cream, and Dark Chocolate Mint.

Kur Delight Brownie flavour on Vegan Cuts

Brownie: chocolattey, sweet and extremely more-ish.

For the first treat, I decided a true test would be to give it to Leilani after she had eaten well: a meal of one of our few remaining successful dishes (spaghetti with lentil bolognaise). If she was full from dinner, there would be no way she would eat something she didn’t like. This would really determine the deliciousness.

We chose Brownie for the first night and I have to say it is actually one of the most genius products I have ever tasted! The texture was like a true fudge brownie and we had to really stop ourselves from eating them all at once! And there was no question about Leilani’s opinion – the thing had disappeared down her gullet quicker than lightning! I felt like saying “haha – you ate fruit and nuts” as she was nagging me for “more chocolate”.

Dark Mint Chocolate: an after-dinner mint with a fudge-like texture.

The second day we chose the Dark Mint Chocolate (we are a family of chocoholics) and similarly, we had it for dessert after dinner. Honestly, it really had a wow-factor – a true example of why we do not need to eat heavily processed foods to satisfy our sugar cravings! Again, it was devoured by Leilani in a similar manner to the brownie flavour – no need to even ask her if she liked it as she stole the last bite of not only mine, but my husband’s too!

Kur Delight Coconut Cream falvour on Vegan Cuts

Coconut Cream: amazingly creamy with a slight crunchy coconut twist.

The third day was Saturday and we decided to enjoy our final flavour, Coconut Cream, over a cup of tea (and warm soy milk in Leilani’s case). A little peckish in between breakfast and lunch, it was the perfect 10am pick-me-up! Unlike most morning tea times during the week, I didn’t have to negotiate with Leilani at all as to what was being served. Had I have said “dried fruit and nuts” she would have turned her little button nose up at me and said “I don’t like that”. But all I had to do was show her the packet and she squealed “chocolate” with delight! As they are small, I also sliced up some apples and oranges to help fill the gap between meals and I was surprised at how well they complement fresh fruit. The sweetness went so well with a cup of tea – it is easy to see it replacing that mid-morning muffin or biscuit.

Kur Delights have cracked the secret of how to turn dried fruit and nuts into a fudgy, cake-like substance to delight all the family!

Believe me, this is not only possible – it exists! While I found a nutritious solution for toddler snacking, I also found a solution for myself to deal with my excessive sweet tooth. The only downfall with this product is the size – it could have been bigger … but then again, maybe I am just a greedy guts! 

I am happy to award Kur Organic Super Foods with The Vegan Woman’s Recommendation Label!












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